A walk in the park ... Daphne, AL

While in Daphne, AL, it's good to be Out and About on nice days.  A hidden gem is Village Point Park Preserve on Mobile Bay.  And that's what we did one fine afternoon ... walk in the park  This park has a nature trail, boardwalk, a "beach" on the bay, pier, historic trees, a cemetery and other sites we didn't get to today, tho we've stomped the entire area at one time or another.  Lots of history here. 

Love to walk around this big ol' giant, and always glad to see it still standing. 

 A walk in the woods is good for heart and soul (and the rest of the ol' body)!

The pilings (and doings) in the picture below were new to us -- we'd not seen this before, but luckily a sign was posted telling us what was going on out in the water.  Dunno if you can read this, but if enlarged, it might be doable.  Interesting stuff.

As always, don't feed the critters!

 Everywhere we went along the coast, little bits of fluffy stuff floated in the air:  
Eastern Baccharis (Baccharis halimifolia), aka saltbush or goundsel.

Jimmy and this Cypress are "wearing" autumn orange!

You know the saying, "Have a nice day?"  We did.

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  1. Never been to this park..... that is a wonderful old tree!


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