Into the Heart of Dixie -- Nov 3rd to .......

We're back in our old haunt for a week or two, here for a special reason.  Tergel is parked in her usual  RV spot in Daphne (Baldwin County), on the eastern shore of Mobile Bay.  We lived in a Daphne condo for a few years till we sold it in 2012 and moved to NorCal, so the area is familiar to us.  We're blessed to be visiting friends and family in the Mobile area.  And free to ride one of our favorite bike routes that takes us along the bay.  Today (Wednesday), we pedaled from Point Clear to Pelican Point, a delightful, a mostly traffic-free 20-miler R/T.  Our day began sunny enough, but turned overcast as we made our way back to Smartie.  Rain is predicted for tomorrow.  So, play outside while you can!

 As we ride along Hwy 1 toward Pelican Point, we come to Mullet Point Park and we always stop.  (restrooms are available)  This princely Great Blue Heron -- Dude! -- standing with its mouth open, let us get very close.  Maybe he thought we had a mullet in our lunch basket!  We rode on.

 Gulls and terns decorate this unused pier, with an occasional perched pelican.
They were lined up like sardines in a tin. 

 We usually eat our sandwiches here at tiny Mary Ann Nelson Park located a mile or so from Pelican Point.  It's a good stopping point with picnic tables, and a great place to get off the bikes for a few minutes.
Notice we're in shorts and tee's! 

 This pool ol' guy hangs out at Pelican Point.  It has a twisted beak and I dunno if it could fish on its own.  I think fishermen feel sorry for it and throw it fish.  In fact, a fisherman was two feet out of the picture frame, and the pelican just stood there, waiting patiently ....  

 On the other side of the boat ramp, a Great Egret kept its eyes peeled for a snack.

 I swear, I think the combined weight of these gulls and terns is collapsing this dead pier and boat shed.

On the opposite side of the road, small sloughs like this lead to wetlands.
Bits of autumn color can be seen, but not too much.

Jimmy asked me if I wanted to stop at Punta Clara Kitchen on our way home.  Duh!  They make some of the finest candies and pralines in the state.  And, oh-my-gosh, they had samples everywhere!  I should be ashamed to report that I ate like a pig, but I couldn't help myself.  I cruised the sample tables as tho I hadn't eaten in months.  Susan didn't seem to mind.  I told her I'd bicycled all the way from California and needed the sugar for energy .  We bought some yummy things and tucked them away for when we get back to NorCal.  Tucked away for sure -- I'd already O.D. on all that sugar!

It's fun riding along Scenic Hwy 98 and Hwy 1.  Point Clear is a tony place to live.  Many of the homes there (most grandiose, some simple) have cutsey signs hanging by the street, all of them referencing either Point Clear or being retired or the home being a gathering place on the Gulf for kin.  We saw every variation of Point used you could think of.  Reference Point, End Point, Defiance Point, Point my Way, but my favorite was a great big SWELL place whose sign pointed out their investment:  Point Broke!


  1. Oh goodie! I have internet tonight and get to catch up with you. Look at those shorts and tee shirts! geez. Love seeing you in the south, and the birds, and hearing about the food. Wonderful.

  2. Point Broke ... hilarious. Play outside while you can ... we're trying, we're trying, but after the last batch of non-stop rain all day, the mosquitoes are out and attacking with a vengeance.

    1. Dislike mosquitoes (all biting insects, in fact). We never did get the rain you did. No biting skeeters here, thank goodness!

  3. Nice to see all the old familiar places, eh?


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