OMG, What a Birthday Party! Monday, Nov 24th, 2014

Happy Birthday, Louisiana-style!

OK!  No secrets here.  It's a party all right.  Jimmy's birthday was Nov 14th, and mine was Nov 23rd, so it's time to party on down!  I brought a bunch of fresh persimmons to my sister, Nannie, in Louisiana, and she and I made a persimmon brunch cake and persimmon-date-pecan cookies, and Nannie made brownies for people who couldn't have nuts.  All quite yummy.  Notice the napkins....

In 1994, I lived next door to Nannie and her husband, Bubba, in Louisiana (near Baton Rouge).  Now, check out the old photo below -- everyone in the picture turned 50 in 1994.  So, in November of that year, I gave a birthday party celebrating those 50th birthdays for the five folks pictured.  They all look pretty good for 50-year-old farts!

 Left to right:  Rosemary, me (love the curls), Bubba, and Jimmy.  Seated is Johnny, with a pin on his shirt that reads "Older than Dirt."  

Fast forward to 2014 -- 20 years later.  I'm not giving away anyone's current age, mind you, but the people below are the same as in the picture above ... with one exception.  We lost track of Rosemary, but our friend, Judy, qualifies to be in the same club, so she's replaced Rosemary.

 Left to right:  Judy, me, Bubba, Jimmy, with Johnny seated in front.

Of course in the ensuring years, there have been changes ... children have grown, married, and had children of their own, cross-country moves, houses bought and sold, health issues, spouse's deaths and remarriages (me and Jimmy), and finally retirements.  Ahhhh, retirements!  And, (hooray!) freedom to travel.

These people look pretty danged good for 70-year-old geezers, huh?  The turkey looks good, too.

It was a grand reunion, lots of laughter, gratitude for miracles wrought, and simply ... happy to be celebrating together again.  Nannie and Johnny's wife, Marci, and Judy's husband, Jim, tho not pictured, enjoyed the party as much as we did.  All of us are looking forward to the next birthday reunion.  10 years?  20 years?  Oh well, maybe we'll just let this 20-year party be the best and the last ... or maybe not!

Happy Thanksgiving, everyone!


  1. We did have a nice evening!

  2. Great fun, Nickie. So nice that you have such a great circle of friends...and they are all there to share in the festivities with you. Wonderful! Have a great Thanksgiving, assuming you are still in the South for the big day before you head back west.

  3. Anonymous6:17 PM

    You guys have entirely too much fun! N.A.

  4. Anonymous6:20 PM

    Nice to compare old and new pictures.


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