Food, Fun and Friends: The three "F's" -- 11/12 - 11/18

Add Florida to food, fun and friends, and you have 4-F's.  Throw in a birthday, and the week becomes a celebration!  Jimmy's birthday to be exact, and it was a big one ... a major one, the kind with a "0" at the back (and a seven in the front -- yeow!), but who's counting years?  Neither of us, and that's a fact.  We're too busy enjoying life to worry about numbers.

One of the small semi-hidden ponds teeming with waterfowl near Tom and Diane's house.  Egrets, Herons, Buffleheads, Grebes, etc., etc., and none of them wanted me and Jimmy getting too close.  We liked the Cypress trees cloaked in colorful autumn rusty-reds.

 Friday dinner at Ted's Montana Grill in Tallahassee on Jimmy's birthday, with Tom and Diane.

Hugs for the birthday boy! 

Complimentary ice cream with chocolate sauce and a chocolate cookie.  He shared! 

Our full dance card included a delicious lunch with our RV'ing friends, Mickey and Nancy, at Buca de Beppo.  They are making plans for hittin' the road, too.  (The restaurant staff gave Jimmy a birthday card.)

We didn't need a "Welcome to our state" sign on I-10 to know we were back in Alabama!  This cotton field (southern snow!) heralded our return to Daphne AL.

Our Florida week seemed to fly by, as fun-filled weeks usually do.  The cold weather didn't slow us down, either. We spent time with the people we care about and that's what counts.  Dunno how many Mexican Train Domino games the four of us played, but when all was said and done, the ladies reigned supreme!  Oh, and since there's another MILESTONE birthday looming (which I really don't wanna talk about ), Jimmy and I bought ourselves a birthday present. I'll take a picture of it later for show 'n tell.


  1. Oh boy, I love a surprise!

  2. Happy Birthday! Looks to have been celebrated well! I checked with my son and the tags they used for the butterflies locally were white, so doesn't seem that the one you photographed at least had made the journey from Kansas.


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