Food, and friends, too = fun! Jan 15 - 18, 2015

A kitchen store in Grass Valley called Tess' Kitchen offers cooking classes featuring various cuisines and even different cooking methods or techniques, such as the one I signed up for on Thursday, 1/15/15, from 1-3pm: Pressure Cooking.  A LONG time ago I owned a pressure cooker with a "rocker" on the lid that hissed like an overactive snake to let you know a) all was well, or b) I'm fixin' to blow!  I moved too many times and don't recall what happened to that ol' pressure cooker.  The new cookers are very efficient and safer these days, and I think I'd like to get another one; hence, the cooking class.  Who remembers from the 70's?  Fagor sent their representative, Carol, to give us the pressure cooking lowdown.

Different sizes and models.  Carol demonstrates cooking beans in the electric version. 

Tess' Kitchen owner, Steve, is ready to serve the prepared meal to our class.

In our two-hour class, Carol (and Tess' chef, Dawn) made barbecued beans, pulled pork, and a cheesecake, in under two hours, all in pressure cookers.  Very tasty dishes.  Dawn made coleslaw to serve with the meal.  Pulled pork was served on little Hawaiian rolls, and let me tell you ... we ate well.  I belonged to the clean plate club! Guess what?  I bought a new pressure cooker! 

And look at these fresh treats!  Lyn sent avocados from their huge tree in SoCal.  Yum!
Sue brought eatin' oranges with her that she hand-picked in the Central Valley.  Thank you both.

* * * * * * * * * *

Bloggers enjoy reading other blogs, and sometimes we feel like we get to know each other through words and photos, without ever meeting.  Occasionally, if we're lucky, we get to meet up and friendships are formed. Jimmy and I have been fortunate enough to meet some very nice people, and we look forward to seeing them, and spending time swapping stories, or hiking or breaking bread or all of the above!  One of these happy get-togethers took place this weekend as Sue and Mo, who've been traveling in and enjoying the warm southwest, stopped to see us on their way back home to Oregon.  We'd followed each other's blogs for a few years before ever meeting a couple of years ago, and the four of us hit it off immediately.  Fact is ... they're a hoot!  

We arranged that after setting up their MoHo on Saturday afternoon at the nearby fairgrounds, they'd come eat dinner with us.  I swear, it was like old home week when they walked in the door.  Since they'd been sitting much of the day as they drove north, I suggested a short walk on our canal trail, an idea they liked. Felt good to stretch the legs.  Jimmy and I bought new Fitbits, so we were able to "count our steps" today, kinda fun, too.  Jimmy and Mo lead the way in the above photo. 

Me, Jimmy, Sue and Mo

We asked a nice passing-by lady to take a picture of the four of us.  Nobody fell in the canal water ... or tumped into the blackberry bushes, either!  We were all laughing as she took the picture.  Dinner was pronounced a success (we were all hungry after walking), and we sat some more and talked and shared and laughed.  We graduated to the living room and continued on till close to 10pm, and I don't know when I've had so many excellent belly laughs in one evening.

Sue and Mo were waiting for us at 8am Sunday morning as Jimmy and I drove into the fairgrounds to check out their MoHo (they'd toured Tergel the previous evening), and enjoy a nice walk around the fairgrounds. For some strange reason the grounds were gated and locked, but we walked around the perimeter.  Walking and talking. Talking and walking.  Sharing experiences and laughing.  (7,000+ steps so far today - wow!) Too bad I forgot my camera, but Sue will have pictures.  You can check her site.

Next we drove to South Pine Cafe in Grass Valley for breakfast (hungry again!).  With more laughter and many more traveling tales, and a delicious breakfast (thanx, Sue), we finally parted around 11am, they to continue on their journey, us to head on home.  Enjoyed your visit, Sue and Mo -- glad you stopped by!


  1. When Sue and Mo left here, they said they were making a stop at your 'joint'. Got me thinking of my exit from Imperial the first of April as I make my way to Oregon. Will you be home?? ;) They, along with you two, are some of my favorite people. I'm thinking there aren't too many fresh oysters though in Nevada City...

    1. And that is a good thing, too! Judy, or they may have tried to get us to try one as well! Instead we simply had a fabulous dinner and another great breakfast.

  2. Y'all have a good time out there!

  3. What a wonderful time we had. Lots of laughter and great food and good friends. Can't beat that anywhere! I got back home in time for "stuff", so enjoyed the happy thoughts of my good times on the road and enjoying your hospitality. Thank you once again and a big hug to both of you.

  4. and yes....you can check my site tomorrow, at least I hope so...after my busy week with daughter stuff, I'll be ready to get caught up again.!


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