Spoiler alert - food pictures involved! Tues, 1/27/15

Something else Jimmy and I wanted to do while in the Napa area was to visit a friend I've known for 50+ years, since 1964! Bethann and her husband, Richard (who passed away last year, I'm sorry to say) lived in one side of a Santa Ana, CA, duplex, and I lived in the other. They were newlyweds at the time.  I worked for the state, tho I was a mere child (haha). Bethann and her hubby moved to Healdsburg CA many years ago and that's where Jimmy and I went today.  Healdsburg is approx 45 miles from Napa, where Tergel is parked. Rain was forecast for today and, indeed, we awoke to gray skies, but -- alas -- no rain fell.

We met Bethann at her lovely home on an oak-studded ridge; their vineyard winds down the hill.  After warm hugs all around, we split for lunch at CafĂ© Lucia in Healdsburg.  Their website reports:  Inventive, contemporary Portuguese cuisine in the heart of Sonoma County wine country.  Neither Jimmy nor I could remember ever eating Portuguese food before, and we were more than willing to give it a try.  Above is an appetizer that was served - gratis - as we studied our menus.  Great start!

Jimmy and Bethann both ordered "Fish and Chips," which they declared very good, and I ordered a Dungeness crab pita "melt," with piri-piri fries, photo above.  ("You're taking pictures of food?")  My melt, full of Dungeness crab-corn salad with melted Sonoma jack cheese, was delicious.  Jimmy and I also shared a bowl of Caldo Verde soup -- yum-yum! Really excellent dishes.  

Apparently the restaurant closes between lunch and dinner, but we didn't know that.  The staff let us sit there undisturbed as we chatted away, filling our water glasses, till suddenly we became aware that we were the only people sitting there.  Jimmy said, "I think they've closed."  Sure enough.  Off we went, returning to Bethann's, where we reminisced some more, looked at photos, glad to be together for the afternoon ... and our laughter filled her home.  We may not have seen each other often over the years, but we try to make it count when we do.  It was good.  Thanks, Bethann!

Back at Tergel, these fragrant flowering fruit trees are all around us and they're loaded with bees.

It was a happy day for us, another gorgeous drive up the valley and across into Sonoma County, and our get-together with a dear friend.  We're sorry no rain fell in NorCal, but the sunset was magnificent.

Tomorrow?  More new Napa County adventures!


  1. Oh my. I've never had Dungeness crab either. That pita looks very tasty.

  2. So nice to hook up with old friends!


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