Along Donner Pass Summit -- Mon aft 4/20 & Truckee Tues morn 4/21

After getting set up at our tiny apartment on Donner Pass Road (booked via airbnb), Jimmy and I went for a little explore on this part of the road we'd not been on before.  Clouds had built up by this time (late afternoon), tho no rain fell. Leaving the lake, we drove up about 1,000' into the Sierras.  Even with overcast skies, the views are dramatic; we love coming into these granite beauties.

Did you know that Donner Summit is one of the most significant and historic mountain passes and transportation routes in the US?  True! 

Central Pacific RR snow sheds.  Fascinating story about them here.

We are always (ALWAYS) amazed to see rock climbers doing their thing.  Along with the guy at the top (red arrow), two fellas, one in red and one in blue, are below him.  Not for all the tea in China, as they say .... 

Looking down to Donner Lake.  We're staying on the left side, with incredible lake and mountain views. 

Near the summit on Historic US Route 40 is Donner Memorial Bridge, aka Rainbow Bridge, at 6,870 ft elevation. Completed in 1926.  "Decades of heavy use in a harsh climate caused the Rainbow Bridge to deteriorate ... they considered tearing it down, but the Donner Summit community pushed to save the bridge."  The bridge was restored in 1993.  "... the replacement concrete was color matched so the rehabilitated bridge would look identical to the old.  The only change was that the openings in the railings were made smaller so that people's heads could not get stuck."  Gotta love this last line!

Jimmy and I hiked right in this area a couple of years ago, saw the China Wall up close, and crossed the bridge. (I can't remember exactly when.)  These mountains have oodles of trails, inc the Pacific Crest Trail.

 Heading back down to Donner Lake.  Time for dinner.

* * * * * *

Tuesday:  Look at how sunny and pretty our day began this fine anniversary morning!  I walked outside, crossed the road, and this was my view.  Wowzers!

And this....

A couple of Truckee murals.

Methodist Church stained glass window.  How particularly apt for Truckee.

We walked around Truckee this nice, warm morning.  The weather felt more like summer than spring, but by lunchtime, thunderheads had built up, so, as raindrops spattered the windshield, we retreated to our bnb. Then the rain stopped.  Thunder continued, and so be it ... we are quite comfy inside.  It is a very dark sky out there, but we're stepping out for dinner tonite, regardless!


  1. High Country! it may have been warm, but the photos look like it is still cold up there! Been years since I hung out at Donner Pass. It is beautiful. Nice that you two could amble off for another adventure.

  2. What a great view you had ... we learn to roll with the weather punches, but having even a tiny bit of blue always makes a difference to our mood.

  3. Happy Happy anniversary in the prettiest place of all!

  4. Good way to visit - staying instead of leaving! Let me know how you like your airbnb stay. We've seen the big thunder bumpers build each of the last three days, and all three afternoons have been cloudy and cool here after a sunny morning. Today? FOG!

  5. What a rugged area, I enjoying watching others cling to side of a rock cliff while both feet remain on level ground:)


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