All the news and lots of it! Wednesday, 4/29/15

Rain is the news this past week, and boy howdy, that's good news for NorCal, in light of the ongoing drought. Nevada City had a terrific thunderstorm Thursday nite, and off/on rain Friday, tapering to a pesky drizzle on Saturday.  Of course, April is the time of year when weekend outdoor activities abound, such as a Home and Garden show at the Fairgrounds and a popular car show in downtown Grass Valley.  We skipped both on Saturday, but looked around the H & G show on Sunday morning, happy to be Out and About on a pretty day.

Sunday afternoon we paid a visit to Fluffy on the farm!  This little guy has grown since I carried him as a newborn two weeks ago!  Looks well fed, huh?

Fluffy and Mom.

This goofy guy flopped on his back (rub my tummy) ... so happy to see us!  He looks like he's smokin' a stogie!  He carries a stick in his mouth all the time ... too funny!

And this old guy is pure love. 

Even the barn cat got in on the pet me, love-on-me act!

I planted seeds a couple of weeks ago and have been watching them sprout.  Tomatoes, Swiss chard, cucumbers. Some unknown seeds germinated in the garden, I suppose from compost, but the sprouts look like a squash or melon.  Oh boy, a mystery veggie!  You can see them in the pic below -- a few popping up behind those plastic paks.  And lots more have pushed up since this pic.

Amazing how fast they grow; I took this pic on Sunday and I can see a big difference between then and now (Wednesday).

A handsome dude for sure!  Black-headed Grosbeak ... a regular at our feeders.

My Fringed Bleeding Hearts (Dicentra formosa) took a beating in that spring snowstorm three wks ago, but have bounced back, to my delight.  This picture is for you, Nannie!

Yesterday Jimmy was going to change the oil in Tergel, but we had business to take care of in Lincoln (40 miles down the hill), so we strapped our bikes on Smartie's back to combine business with pleasure.  That part of NorCal is very flat and 3000' lower in elevation than at our house! (Lincoln:  167' elevation)  We found a nice bike trail and several parks, which made for an easy and pleasing pedaling day.

We parked across the street from sprawling Sierra Pacific Lumber.  Literally, tons of logs, stacked how high?

We spotted quite a number of Western Kingbirds (Tyrannus verticalis) in open fields dotted with wildflowers.  Amazing how three birds can sit on such a flimsy twig, swaying in the wind.

We cycled out to Lincoln's small air field and watched the tiny lightweight green plane as he readied for take-off. It's so lightweight that we could see thru the canvas to the struts inside.  We waited to see it go airborne, but ... nope.  Maybe ten minutes later as we turned around to head back into town, we saw the pilot pushing his cute green plane into the garage (could be called a hangar)!  We wondered aloud if we'd be brave enough to fly in it.

Here's Jimmy waiting for me beneath a flowering plum tree that was loaded with tiny unripe (bitter) fruit.  We were riding around the industrial airpark with its huge warehouses and parking lots; no traffic to contend with. This one happened to be empty and we zipped in and around the trees, etc.  We were not prepared, however, for the first full day of summer's heat (and forgot sunscreen).  Lincoln and the entire Sacramento region hit the 90 degree mark, and I overheated.  What can you do, then?  Find a cool restaurant after the bike ride, sit and rest in their fine air conditioning, and order lunch!

Awful Annie's in Lincoln.  Delicious lunch.  We closed the place down at 3 pm.

I was thinking this may be my last blog post for a time (but then, maybe not).  Jimmy is slated for his left knee replacement surgery this coming Monday, May 4th, at Sutter Hospital in Sacramento. (Postponed from March 18th due to his Mom's death.)   I'll stay at my son and d-i-l's house while he's in the hospital, and their place is only two miles from Sutter -- really convenient.  Jimmy will be out of commission for a time and he's trying to do any necessary house and RV maintenance before then, plus get in some fun times.  Lucky man to have me as his nurse, (but he better watch out, I'm changing my name to Nurse Ratched  !)

Next October, we're signed up for a Road Scholar "Mountain Kingdom" trip to Tibet, Bhutan, and Nepal. Considering Nepal's horrible earthquake on Saturday, we don't know what's going to happen.  Our trip is five-plus months from now, so there's no sense worrying about it.  Meanwhile, our hearts go out to all those affected by the devastation.

One more thing!  On Easter Sunday, April 5th, at the family get-together, we took turns peeking via binocs from our dining room window at a robin building a nest, low in a Dogwood tree.  A few days later the nest was blanketed in snow and we feared the Robin had flown the coop, so to speak.  I'm here to report she's been sitting and brooding, while me and Jimmy continue to peek.  I expect a triple hatching any day now. I'm ready!

Robin's-egg-blue, of course!
(Jimmy sez we should call the babies Curly, Larry and Moe!)


  1. Gosh, thank you for the beautiful photo of the bleeding hearts! LOVE those delicate things! And Jimmy has called it exactly right: Curly, Larry and Moe! We all wanna see the picture of the three gaping beaks....

  2. Anonymous6:55 PM

    Great pics! Thanks!

  3. During my flying period, I did fly some planes that small but only in really good weather:)

  4. Here's wishing Jimmy good surgery and recuperation.


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