Aloha! Hawaii-bound on Wed, Oct 26th - Yeehaw!

We parked Tergel at a good friend's in Ventura CA for the two weeks we'll cruise to Hawaii. The next morning we got up at 4:38 am (yeow!) to drive to Matt's in Los Angeles; he'll drive us to the cruise terminal at Pier 93 and have lunch with us, then HE gets off the ship! At 4 pm, the Golden Princess embarked on its south-westerly course to Hawaii. This ship is huge, with approx 2700 passengers and 1900 support personnel! We'll have four glorious days at sea before reaching our first port: Hilo Hawaii on October 31st.

Our balcony stateroom is forward up top on the Lido deck (14) and it seems like a great location - we're on the same deck as two pools, the outdoor Princess Theater, and the Horizon Court buffet. Once underway, we went to dinner at our traditional dining room (Canaletto) -- oh yeah, good eats! The Princess Patter, "our daily guide to life at sea," is delivered each evening to mailboxes outside every stateroom. Tonite it said "turn clock back one hour before sleeping." Since we'd gotten up so danged early, we crashed as soon as we turned back the hands of time ....

Matt, me and Jimmy enjoying our Bon Voyage lunch prior to sailing.

Lots of activity on board as we prepare to sail.

Food is offered in many areas of the ship. Lovely buffet decorations.

It didn't take me long to don a bathing suit for a dip in the pool and spa! Life is good!

Dessert our first nite out -- the first of many wonderful dessert creations!

We had to learn our way around the ship, and it's a big one! Walking the Promenade Deck will suit us fine. 2.5 times around = one mile. Here we are the next morning, walking and watching the ship's wake.

Not what you might think! He's just LOOKING at the water ....

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