Escape! August 16-18, 2015

With the western states afire, and us ready to "hit the road, again," we debated about our choices, tho going north was our only criteria. At the last minute, we opted for the coastal route to avoid as much smoke as possible. Our air was fairly clear when we left Nevada City on Sunday morning, but as soon as we dropped into the central valley, the air became polar opposite of abundantly clear! By the time we reached Redding (temp: a blistering 104 degrees), the A/Q was lousy, and Hwy 299 west from Redding to Eureka was horrendous. Smoke obscured the sun, the mountains, and anything else beyond 100 ft.  When we reached the Elks Lodge in Eureka (where we're staying), 300 miles from home, we literally and figuratively breathed a sigh of relief. The temp was a delightful 67 degrees.

Because we kinda blew ourselves out driving and didn't want to budge on Monday, we decided to be day-trippers at Patrick's Point State Park.  We camped in this park back in 2009 and really enjoyed it. Today we were up for walking!  

Fingers of fog drifted from the sea into the trees, reminding me of Carl Sandburg's poem:

The fog comes
on little cat feet.

It sits looking 
over harbor and city
on silent haunches
and then moves on.

Picturesque Agate Beach was at mid-tide and we had to be careful not to turn our backs on the incoming tide. It's quite a trek just getting to the beach from the parking lot -- 172 ft down a steep trail, including that gem of a staircase in the photo above!  We came up short on agates, but we each pocketed small treasures to share before we began the return hike. Mine was a small polished piece of jasper.  

Up the hill.

Posies in the park.

Jimmy gazing on the vista below -- looking down from Wedding Rock.

After our picnic lunch, we continued walking on the Rim Trail, which offers wonderful ocean and sea stack views.  Short, steep trails lead to Wedding Rock and Lookout Rocks, both worth the effort.  Two hardy folks stand atop Wedding Rock.  Way up there.

This sea stack could be called Guano Rock, thanx to all the Pelagic Cormorants. Pee-yew!

Away from the ocean, even just a hundred yards, the sun shone, but fog lingered along the coastline. No matter to us.  We were happy to be Out and About.  Jimmy's new knee did fine, regardless of up, down, or flat ground. Now that's a real blessing! 

Tomorrow, we'll continue north into Oregon, but we're not making reservations anywhere.  Let the adventure begin!.


  1. Glad to read that mistiness was fog and not smoke. 67F sounds lovely. We're back in TX ... enough said ;-)

  2. So, we've traded places. You're cool and I'm hot, and it's smokey not foggy.

  3. Hooray for Jimmy' knee! You both must be so happy to have that behind you - and lots of good hiking and climbing out in front of you. How lovely to be bathed in fog! It is 97 degrees on our front porch now, 11:11 am. Sunny, but hazy.

  4. The Pacific Coast is such a magical place! So glad you escaped away from that awful smoke.....

  5. Nice that you included the poem. I like the fog myself.


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