Cabo San Lucas, Baja California, and at sea Dec 4-9

Vincent Thomas Bridge in San Pedro CA.
Wednesday 12/4 -- Our Golden Princess ship was two hours late leaving Los Angeles CA, which meant we didn’t get to see the departure… it was full dark at 6 pm, and we were below eating dinner.  I am not going to detail every dinner; suffice to say, everything was superb!

Thursday 12/5 -- At Sea.  A  P/C windy day – Force 8 (gale) wind, with moderate seas (4-7½ ft waves) – lots of white caps with spray blowing like thistledown – fun to watch.  Cool, jacket weather for our morning Promenade Deck walk.  Two-and-a-half times around = a mile, and we hoofed it around several times in the wind, a pattern we’ll continue almost daily.  I counted 103 stairs from our deck (14) down to the Promenade Deck (7).  103 down/103 up...  I’m an inveterate stair-step counter!  Floor-by-floor, up and down all day long.  Guess we should be in good shape by trip’s end!  If we get sick of climbing stairs, there are plenty of elevators.  Our ship plowed thru the Pacific at 21+ knots, making time to reach Cabo San Lucas at Noon tomorrow.  Jimmy and I opted for traditional dining, meaning we sit at the same dinner table each nite.  We’re very fortunate to share our table with a delightful couple, Sue and Adel from Ventura, CA.  After dinner, we four walked around the deck in the wind, whooeee!  We spied two small birds sheltering on deck from the wind.  Our first time change was 2 AM Saturday, moving one hour forward – an hour lost already.

Storm Petrel sheltering from the storm (one of two we found on deck).

Table mates:  Jimmy, me, Sue and Adel.
Friday 12/6 -- A different story.  Day dawned clear and much warmer.  We watched Princess close in on the town of Cabo San Lucas at the tip of Baja Peninsula, its waters filled with tiny fishing boats and sailboats, a pretty sight.  We anchored offshore at Noon, and were tendered ashore for the afternoon.  There we boarded a zodiac with 8-10 others for a “thrilling scenic ride to Land’s End for photo ops,” and our snorkeling adventure in the Sea of Cortez.  That’s when we realized we’d left the new GoPro camera aboard ship in our haste to make the excursion AND didn’t bring our other camera.  So don’t ask me about the pictures that we DID NOT get of those Land’s End sea stacks, massive humpbacked whales breaching, colorful fishies in the clear water of Santa Maria Cove, and the town itself.  Phooey.  Other than that, we had a grand time!  Our snorkeling guide dove down to the coral and brought up a spiny sea urchin and a brown sea star with pink spots to hold, as well as a cute li’l puffer fish all blowed up.  I enjoyed petting the puffer.  The water was warm enough that we didn’t need wet suits, tho we got chilled on the ride back in wet bathing suits with the zodiac zipping 90-to-nothing toward town.  A dip in the hot tub when we boarded our ship fixed that.  We set sail again for points south at 7 PM, while enjoying dinner ... we were hungry!  Two tired people hit the hay early!  We sleep with the balcony door open – listening to waves is like a lullaby.

Arch rock at Cabo.
What a sunset!
Saturday 12/7 -- We have three sailing days before our next stop in San Juan del Sur, Nicaragua.  Today the wind was calm, and at times it appeared the ship was barely moving in calm seas.  Our cabin is on the starboard side of Lido Deck (14 – upper passenger cabin deck).  Continental breakfast on our balcony is luxurious, almost decadent!  Looking down from our balcony, we watched large sea turtles float by and dolphins frolic in the bow wave, flying fish skittering away from the ship.  The ocean color appears as either deep cobalt blue or a dreamy aqua, its waters 84+ degrees, the air more liquid now with 100% humidity.  Yes, it’s warm and humid, but not uncomfortable, yet.  There’s always a breeze.  (We still sleep with the balcony door cracked.)  Inside is air-conditioned, of course.  This afternoon I swam in one of the four pools, after which we played Yahtzee with Sue and Adel.  The men skunked the women (boo).  A nice nap was in order post-game.  After dinner, we walked the Promenade Deck again and then took in one of the entertainment shows.

Yours truly in the aft pool.
Sunday 12/8 -- Dawned warm and muggy.  For some reason I seem to naturally awake long before sunrise (sigh!), so I got up to watch the sky change as the sun rose.  No walking this morning. Princess hosts a naturalist’s hour-long (very interesting) talk each day about our destinations, and I’m in for the duration! Jimmy likes to read while I attend these.  We changed things up a bit today and went to the Terrace Pool aft to swim, and then we buried our noses in our books till it was time to shower and get ready for dinner. The water temp is now 87.8°, like bathwater! Saw a giant transparent jellyfish, lots o’ sea turtles, dolphins and Magnificent Frigate birds circling the ship.  Sea state is “slight,” very quiet.  Air temp hovers around 82°. Afternoon turned cloudy, which made for a gorgeous sunset. At dinnertime, our ship made a brief detour to the coast of south Mexico for a medical emergency, anchoring just long enough to tender a seriously ill person onshore to a waiting jet for transport back to the states, and then we were underway again. A brisk wind picked up and we rocked along till after bedtime, still aiming for Nicaragua on Tues morning. Once more, we set our clocks forward an hour… losing time every other day!
Calm Seas!
Monday 12/9 -- When all the glass outside is dripping sweat, we’re talking humid.  Last nite we had to close our balcony door.  The seas were gently rolling in the AM, the water mirror-like.  Today we see no hazy mountains on the horizon, only ocean.  Oftentimes we faintly made out land far, far away; not today.  We walked the Sun Deck (top deck), at sun-up, taking advantage of any breeze and before the day heated up, but we still managed to work up a sweat.  Tropical-looking clouds dot the sky each day now, like the US Gulf Coast.  I think we’re as far south as Guatemala, tho it’s not in sight.  Internet access aboard ship is spotty and slow (satellite), and also expensive, so we’ll wait.  No cell service, either, hallelujah – no noisy rings and overheard loud conversations.  Sue and Adel joined us for another round of Yahtzee, and this time the girls beat the boys – hooray!  Next up?  San Juan del Sur, Nicaragua tomorrow.  Dry land after three days at sea!

From an Internet café in Lima Peru in Espanol - pardon any mess!


  1. Oh, I love reading about your cruise and seeing the photos. We like Princess, and have been on Sapphire, Grand, Caribbean and another one I can't remember, but they are all pretty similar I think, so familiar to read about. OH yes...the Star. Our cruise that went as far south as you are now was on Celebrity Solstice, but it was in January, and all the way from Panama I don't remember any weather as humid and still as what you are describing. Love leaving that door open too. You are making me excited for our little Caribbean jaunt in just a month, but it is on Norwegian, so I am waiting to see if it is at all as nice as the other cruises we have been on. We will see. Either way, I get some humid warm air which I love and turquoise water which I also love. Have fun, and I'll look forward to your next story.

  2. You aren't in Mexico, you are in Peru!! Just checked out the webcam for the Golden Princess to see it alongside in Callao, Peru. Too cool!!

  3. Too bad you forgot your camera on the excursion. I would have enjoyed seeing pics of the whales breaching.

  4. Check your spelling on the whale "breeching." Believe it is spelling "belching" and that is something I wouldn't have wanted to see on the GoPro anyway. What the heck is the deal with the suit and tie for dinner? Looks too much like work instead of being a pleasure cruise. Great photos and stories. Thanks for sharing.

  5. Oh, love seeing y'all dressed up on a cruise! Sounds like it's all been lovely so far.... Keep posting on the blog! love from your sistah.


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