Holy Moly, we did it! Dec. 13th... Friday!

At sea:  Fri the 13th -- What an auspicious day to cross the Equator!  We woke at 1:22 in the morning, all antsy, wondering if we were close, but no cee-gar yet.  Jimmy went back to sleep.  I lay awake, checking the Captain’s Log on TV every half hour or so, and then about 3:15AM, WE DID IT!  Wow, we’re in the Southern Hemisphere!  Neither of has ever been out of the Northern Hemisphere, so this is radical!  Cross this one off the bucket list… but when we rolled out of bed, we were unprepared for the change.  Everyone was surprised… isn’t it supposed to be hot at the Equator?  The air temp was 67°, with a Force 6 (strong breeze) 27+ mph south wind blowing.  Yup, I’d call that a strong breeze.  Someone mentioned the Humboldt Current flowing up from Antarctica, cooling the ocean, and consequently the air temp.  It was jacket weather on the Equator – weird.  We walked the Promenade deck and near about got blowed off the ship.

The crossing celebration with King Neptune, his Queen and all polliwogs held at the Neptune Pool was hilarious.  A huge crowd gathered around the pool area to watch the goings-on.  The sun was shining, but most people still had long sleeves on.  I can’t tell you what happened, but (trust me) nobody got hurt. Another time change tonite.

 No cigar yet!

Ya can barely make out the line at the bottom, but now the cigar can be lit!

Setting up for the ceremony.  No crowd yet.

 Upper and lower decks were packed and the action was videoed onto the big screen.  Water had to be drained out of the pool so the "slop over" area where the white chairs are would remain dry, and that would be "compliments of the wind."

 Me and Billy, the Cruise Director, who is acting Captain for the ceremony.  AAARGHH!

 One of the "sins that had to be atoned" was gluttony (no brainer on this ship!).  A pre-picked volunteer was placed on the table and sheets held up to shield the goings-on of the "surgeon" eliminating the sin from her body.

Everyone roared when he threw out gormy leg bones of some poor critter and gobs of wet pasta, sausage links tied together, a whole watermelon which splatted onto the plastic, followed by a complete pineapple.  All in great good fun, and ...
We crossed the Equator!

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