Oh Ho, Nicaragua! Tues, Dec. 10th

Tuesday 12/10 -- We were up early, and from our balcony we watched the Princess’ progress in to San Juan del Sur, Nicaragua, where she anchored offshore at 8 AM.  It takes quite a while to lower the tenders and transport 2000 +/- people to shore.  Jimmy and I, Sue and Adel, and a girl named Lindsey joined forces for a taxi ride to the City of Rivas a few kilometers from Lake Nicaragua, one of the largest freshwater lakes in the world.  It was a bit of a hair-raising ride thru the countryside – apparently road markings and signs mean nothing.  Drivers blow their horns, too, for whatever reason.  We spotted cows, horses, chickens dogs and even pigs by the roadside and some were standing on the road! (beep beep)!! 

Coming in to San Juan del Sur, Nicaragua

Me, Jimmy, Sue and Adel @ Lake Nicaragua.

Rivas, Nicaragua.

Jimmy and Adel at the colorful Central Plaza.

In Rivas, uneven sidewalks teeming with townspeople, spilled onto streets, and the streets were all narrow and filled to overflowing with pedicabs, bicycles, motor scooters, cars, taxis, buses, pedestrians, and trucks… oh, and horse carts.  Everywhere!  Throw in occasional blaring music from passing vehicle or corner bldg, and… well, maybe you get the picture. One more thing: Add a couple hundred or more tourists and then it really gets crowded and LOUD!  The air was oppressive here, and we all overheated. We did tour the old Catholic Church, built in 1607 by the Spanish who settled the city in 1522.   Also found an Internet cafĂ© where three of us used the net for a dollar/30 minutes to check for messages!  Our driver, Carlos, guided us around town in his taxi, but it was very crowded (taxi and town!), so we left for St Jorge on the lake. We ate lunch at local lakeside restaurant eyeing the twin volcanoes, Maderas and (active) Conception, which rise majestically out of the lake, and watching a Crested Caracara glean a tasty tidbit from the shore. 

Crested Caracara.

Steaming Concepcion volcano. The lake is so big it makes it's own weather/waves.  White caps!

After lunch.

Jimmy next to a short coconut palm!

Parakeet/parrot, one of a flock!

Adios, Nicaragua.

Then it was time to return to San Juan del Sur. We walked around the town some and returned to our ship via tender in late afternoon, still overheated. We sailed at 6 PM for Costa Rica. This seems like such a poor country, at least the parts we saw, but ours was only one small slice and only a few hours worth, perhaps others would have better thoughts on what we consider to be: Negative Nicaragua.


  1. Poor in materialistic-U.S. values, but rich in culture.

  2. Yo! Miss! You look pretty good in dat hat! I might have to copy you.... :) love from your sistah....


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