Not your average LA visit.... Tues, 12/3/13

We are fixin to be on our way to South America!  The cruise boards tomorrow in Los Angeles, so yesterday we drove to LA, stopping with son, Matt, and his fianc√© Jen, who live in LA.  Win-win!  We left Nevada City in the nick of time yesterday, as a chilly winter's front was due to hit today.  Good, but completely accidental, planning on our part.  The drive from our house to Matt's apartment is approx 450 miles and since we sat for hours and hours yesterday, Jimmy and I wanted to do something outside today.

We awoke to cool and partly cloudy weather in LA, but as you can see by the picture below, it was pretty nice nonetheless.  Matt drove us to Echo Park, a destination again after a two-year rehabilitation project.  Jen works nights at LA Children's Hospital, so she sleeps days.  Me, Jimmy and Matt brought both doggies with us.  Sophie and Maggie had as much fun as we did.

 Echo Park Lake.

 Not sure what this small tree w/ the orange flowers is.  Fantastic flora surrounding Echo Park Lake.

 A young coot or an old coot, either way a coot-coot.

Me and Jimmy and Sophie.

 These girls were ready to dive in!  Netting is protecting new vegetation.

Great view of downtown LA.

After a walk around the lake, we ate lunch (taco samplers - yum!) at Guisados, and then drove to the new 12-acre Grand Park located in LA's Civic Center.  It's anchored at one end by the majestic Disney Concert Hall and City Hall at the other end.  Really nice urban park.

 Awesome-looking Disney Concert Hall, even on a cloudy day.

 City Hall, where Matt proposed to Jen!   (Way up near the top.)

 Matt running with dogs (not scissors).

Menorah all lit up for Hanukkah.

Sitting for a minute near the Christmas tree near the front of City Hall.

Spitting waters!

Love the colors....

Hotel Hayward at Spring and 6th.

And then driving on Spring Street, I spied this hotel.  "OMG," I exclaimed, as I whipped out my camera.  Listen to this:  Back when dinosaurs roamed the earth (or 1963), I stayed in this hotel on the YWCA (4th) floor when I hopped off a Greyhound bus in SoCal as a fresh-faced, 18-year-old, all starry-eyed at actually being in this energetic city of my dreams.  50 years ago!!  Wow, I didn't know the Hayward was still around -- hadn't thought about it -- but talk about nostalgia!  Amazing.

 Jen and Matt.

We four debated about where to eat dinner and decided to head out to Karl Strauss at the City Walk,a good choice to whet our hunger.  We had a wonderful time.  Handsome foursome!

A Los Angeles icon.  Merry Christmas.  The End.

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  1. Imagine finding that hotel still there! Way Cool! Hugs to the chirren & granddoggies from Nannie & Bubba.


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