Hola from Miraflores District, Lima, Peru, Monday, 12/16/13

Our ship remained in Lima overnight to carry out a routine "Inclining Test," whatever that may be.  A boon to passengers as it gives us another opportunity to see more city sights.  Our morning weather began gray, as has been the usual case lately.  Not cold, tho, and the day warmed up nicely.  Today's activities were a 180° from yesterday.  We hired a taxi to take us to the upscale Miraflores District of Lima, aka Miami Beach or Santa Monica!  Lots of high rise hotels and condos in this neck of the woods.  Our driver agreed to stay with us and ferry us around to various places of interest.

 Me and Jimmy and our friends and table mates, Sue and Adel, at our first stop near the ocean.  Palm trees and Bougainvillea line the streets.

 Now we're way up on that cliff overlooking the Pacific and peering straight down!

Native dresses mix with fashionistas.

West Peruvian Doves on the grassy grounds.

 Really nice park (and mall) at the top of the cliff.  We ate lunch at the mall.

Next:  Kennedy Park!!  A tourist destination in Miraflores - who would've guessed Kennedy in Lima?.

Kennedy Park is home to a herd of feral cats, obviously sleepy ones!

On to the Indian Market, aisle after aisle of stuff for sale.  We looked and looked, but didn't buy.  Sorry, we're not very good consumers!

Our next stop was La Huaca Pucllana, an historic adobe and clay pyramid (located in Miraflores), of the Lima Culture, a society which developed in the Peruvian Central Coast between the years of 200 AD and 700 AD. We didn't have time to take the tour, but we were staggered by the pyramid reconstruction, which has been ongoing for 30 years, with another 30 years to go!

A pyramid enclosed by the city.  (please enlarge photo)

 Imagine, brick by brick!!

West Peruvian Dove with a nest in the fern at Huaca Pucllana.  They "wear" bright blue eyeglasses!

We had to be back aboard ship by 5 pm as our ship was sailing for San Martin (Pisco) Peru by 6 pm, but, honestly, we were done for the day. We'd been Out and About all day and our senses were overflowing and our feet were crying.

These desserts are our reward for the thousands of steps we put in today.  Thought you might like to see the desserts we enjoyed.  Four different yummy plates for four people (one sugar-free).  Pretty, aren't they?  Delicious, too.  (oink-oink)

While we were eating dinner in the Canaletto dining room (or cannelloni, as I call it), the Golden Princess put out to sea again, heading south to San Martin (Pisco), Peru.  We've been warned, if I may use that word, that Pisco was destroyed by an earthquake a few years ago and is largely not rebuilt, so our ship won't be offering tours or trips to Pisco.  Rather, a shuttle will take us to Paracas if we want to go.  to be con'td.

A walk around the windy Promenade deck after all that food settles the stomach!  Ah, La Luna!  What a beautiful picture, reflected on the water ... it's mesmerizing.  Good nite, all, from Lima, Peru.


  1. Enjoyed your posts on Lima. We only had a day in Lima at the end of two weeks in Andean Peru several years ago. Nice to see that you made it to Huaca Pucllana ... not many who go to Peru go out to see these ruins. We thought it was fascinating; and enjoyed having lunch at the restaurant overlooking the ruins afterwards.

    1. Thanks, Erin. We were awe-struck by Huaca Pucllana. Didn't make it to Andean Peru this trip... next time!


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