Just another day in Paradise! December 14th

At sea:  Sat, 14th -- Mostly sunny and a bit warmer today.  The ocean temp is down to 64°.  We walked this morning, watching the dolphins play.  It’s funny to say – all we have to do each day is just enjoy ourselves… no chores to do, no set schedule to follow – it really is wonderful, but where do the hours go, and the days?  They say time flies when you’re having fun – in this case, it certainly is true!

The morning lectures have been helpful, esp regarding currency.  In Nicaragua we had the Cordoba.  Costa Rica was the Colón.  Peru will be the Sol.  Each currency = our dollar varies widely.  Knowing math helps.  Being able to read the coins is essential – if ya don’t have your glasses on, good luck!  Yesterday’s lecture topic was called, “Everything you want to know about Peru.”  Very informative.  What to do, where to go, where NOT to go, safe places, outstanding areas of Lima to see, taxis, how-to’s, all subjects we can appreciate.

A few words about the crew:  Most of the wait staff for all the food areas are young and from developing or underdeveloped countries.  All are bilingual or multilingual.  Many are very personable and all are willing to be of service.  Prob more men than women.  Clean-up crews are also from all over the world.  Everyone, without exception, greets you with a friendly smile and hello.  It’s our understanding that the crew is on six-month contracts, with two months off before joining another cruise ship.

Tomorrow is our first of two days in Lima.  Our ship docks in the port city of Callao and Princess is providing shuttles to Plaza San Miguel just inside Lima proper.

We saw these birds day in and day out circling the ship.  Not sure what they are, but they were graceful. Think they might be a boobie of some kind?  These pics were taken before we crossed into the Southern Hemisphere.

BTW, Jimmy noticed something while he was shaving today.  The water goes DTD (down the drain) in a counter-clockwise motion, as opposed to what we're used to.  Just a little trivia for you.


  1. I never knew that about DTD. :)

  2. The birds look like boobies of some kind ... perhaps masked boobies.


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