A change of Pace? Friday, 6/24/16

Leaving behind forested Massachusetts and the Connecticut River Valley, we ambled across the state line into New York and the Mohawk Valley, land of gently contoured hills.  We're on our way west, but have no specific plan or route, so a phone call to Harvest Host member Bowman Orchards netted us a Friday night stay. 

Summer is a busy time of year for farms and Bowman is no exception.  They're more than just an orchard or farm ... they offer tours, a store, U-pick, ice cream (yum), animals, and a wagon ride.  I wish we'd been here in fall -- with 48 varieties of apples, I'd be be in heaven!  As it was, strawberry U-pick was available, but it was late when we arrived and hot, so we picked no strawberries.  We did buy fresh produce in the store, something we like to do.

I figured if I stood on a tiny hill on my tiptoes, I might qualify for a basketball team.  Alas, I think the tree trunk measurement is a bit off.  Bowman is a great place for kids to come as there's lots for them to do here.  They were expecting busloads of school-age kids tomorrow (Saturday).

Only about a month old, this calf was actually kind of cute.  He'd had an injection in his knee, so he was sporting a bright orange band-aid.  He liked having his head scratched, like a dog would.

"Oooh," said the brown Nubian goat on the left, "scratch on top where my horns should be!" The lackluster other guy with the fluffy coat laying next to the fence never moved a muscle, pretending to be asleep, or maybe it was just too hot to participate. 

Apples, ripe and straight off the tree, are one of my favorite fruit.
These aren't ready yet.  Come back in September!

And my all-time fav is the Macintosh apple, so these guys get my vote!

I presume this is the Shepherd house, as the above sign is next to the Bowman Orchard sign by the driveway.  This regal old house is on a knoll, and we parked Tergel on a grassy area below, thankful to have a large shade tree overhead.  Beyond the house is the store, animals and the orchards.  After dusk, through our open door and windows, lightning bugs magically appeared with flashes of light to liven an otherwise dark night.  Been a long, long time since I've seen these guys!


  1. Idyllic. Except for the heat. The change of pace must feel wonderful.

  2. As a California native and general western gal, I LOVE, LOVE LOVE lightening bugs. The first time I ever saw them was when we did our swing through the eastern US, I was around age 55. They are magical.

  3. Lightning bugs in Cedar Falls, Iowa were amazing.


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