Summit Lake State Park, Mon/Tues -- 5/31-6/1

It was a long day. Plus we lost an hour when we crossed into Eastern time.  We didn't get settled into Summit Lake St Pk campground till after 6 pm, and we were whupped. Getting to a campsite this late is not our usual MO.  We were up and going at our normal time, but needed groceries before hopping on I-70.  Consequently, it was 11am or later before we hit the road.  We signed up for two nights so we wouldn't have to drive the next day.  We could play, instead!  A site under shade trees would help keep us cool, here in INDIANA.

Aside from boating, this fairly large park has plenty of roads to pedal the bikes on (with no traffic), and hiking trails, too.  We thought to combine both the next morning, Wednesday, June 1st.  (How can it be June 1st already?)  We covered quite a bit of ground on our bikes, and then parked 'em in the trees to explore a two-mile loop prairie trail on foot.

We should've turned tail as soon as the first yellow fly buzzed our heads.  A pleasant hike became a fast-paced endurance test to see how soon we could get back to the bikes, swatting with our hats the entire time!  The flies followed us as we sped away on our bikes; it wasn't until we got back to Tergel that we were home-free.  We were both stung (bit?) several times, and, unfortunately, these dang things are toxic to me.  I'll heal. 

Okay, so much for nature!  A cool shower fixed us up and then we decided to explore by car!  Also in the atlas, we'd noticed a museum in the area we could visit.  Another one of those "who knew?" serendipity things we seem to stumble upon.

We've been to the Wright Brothers National Memorial in North Carolina.  (I was sure I'd posted that, but don't see it anywhere ... hmmm)  Since we were only a few miles away, it was only fitting that we stopped to visit Wilbur Wright's birthplace.

The home is a recreation, based on fact, and the whole thing is very well done.

Isn't it amazing that his "gadget" got off the ground?  This replica is the seventh one built and the only one at that time built to fly.  It took Mr. Gross ten years (1973-1983) to accomplish this endeavor.  Some of the tools used were custom made to ensure authenticity.  Although Mr Gross is positive this aircraft is able to fly, it has never been flown due to all the legalities involved.

Wilbur died of typhoid fever in 1912, years before his father.  His dad, Bishop Milton Wright, wrote the above loving words in his journal upon his son's death.

After leaving the museum, we checked out the impressive Henry County Courthouse (1869), with its mansard roof and 110 ft clock tower.  It's pictured on the inside covers of Ross Lockridge, Jr's iconic 1948 novel -- Raintree County.  I don't remember reading the book, and neither Jimmy nor I recalls seeing the movie.  But, then again, maybe we did. We'll hunt the movie down now, if we can.

An ominous black sky (again!!) chased us back to Tergel before we could find a restaurant for dinner out; the clouds looked so threatening.  However, we heard only one clap of thunder in the RV, and then a gentle rain fell for quite some time.

Early (9ish) Thursday, we left Summit Lake in morning fog/haze, taking the back roads to I-70.  The young kids in the back of the Amish buggy waved like crazy at us.  That was a cute way to begin our day.  Oh, ugh, then back on I-70 in Indiana -- what a terrible, terrible road.  Makes Louisiana's roads look good!

Well, that's it.  No more counting.  Indiana was Number 50 for us.  We've been in all 50, even Kansas, tho it's not listed because we didn't overnight there or take pictures.  Sorry, Kansas!  It has been our great privilege and pleasure to experience and explore these wonderful United States.


  1. Ahh, that is what the 50 was. All 50 states! Congratulations on that milestone. So what is a yellow fly? Possibly what we call out west a yellow jacket? Nasty creatures and I am allergic too. They can get so aggressive. Rain and green. Sounds like the midwest. Travel safe. And yes, I think I even remember reading about your Wright Brothers visit in NC.

  2. Another item checked off the old bucket list!

  3. Exactly the sad truth about Kansas! Everyone is either passing through or coming to visit relatives.

    1. We'll just have to return and spend some time in Kansas!

  4. Congrats on the big 50 milestone. What is the next objective?

    1. A family reunion in two weeks! :-)

  5. I suspected as much ...re: the 50 states. I'll have to sit down and see if I can figure out how many states we've been to. It's always fun to come across "who knew" sites; they often turn out to be gems.


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