More stuff ... and some fun, too - 6/18/16

I love palindromes, and that's what we have all week.

Are YOU my mamma?
This little Robin was out of the nest and couldn't seem to fly.
We left him where he was in the grass at the c/g.

Jon and Elisabeth.

Thursday and Friday were hospital visits. Matt and Jen, who flew in from California for the reunion,(and who stopped for several nights in NYC) are in Mass now.  Saturday, following the hospital stint, our nephew, Jon and his wife, Lauren, hosted a burger and dog cookout for the family. For some of us, this was our first meeting with their two delightful little ones, Will and Elisabeth. Our niece, Kristen, and her husband, Rob (another Rob) and their two great kids, Kyle and Anna, rounded out the family. 14 present, one noticeably absent.

Will tasting the whipped-cream covered eggbeater!

Will, Anna, Kyle with Elisabeth.

We picked this area for our family reunion for a couple of reasons, but the main one is majority. The rest of us are scattered across the US, but Rus and Anne and their two adult children, Jon and Kris and their families live within a few miles of one another, and majority rules. Plus, Kyle and Anna are still in school.  2010 was the last time we were all together, and it was time.

Kyle and Anna came to the party to impress us with their disguises! 

Our youngest brother, Rob, enjoyed playing lacrosse with the kids.

Me and "Lizzie" -- she was shy at first when all of us trooped in, but she warmed up!

L-R -- Matt, Jen, me, Kris, Nannie and Jimmy.

Before we left Nevada City, I’d gathered up an envelope full of old black and white family pictures, which we went through sitting on the back steps, and which garnered a lot of, “Oh my Gawd, is that YOU?” or “Look at this one!” or “Is that really my Dad?” Lots of laughs!  A good time. A very good time.

The cookout was a huge success … we ate, we played, we teased, and we laughed. We guffawed at the usual pranks. Hugs and smiles were frequent.

Tomorrow is Father's Day, so Rus' siblings won't be seeing him at the hospital, leaving the day entirely for him and wife and his children and grandchildren.  Guess we'll have to find something else to do.


  1. So glad you are getting some good family times. They are precious, every moment. I would be that many folks reading your blog will be reminded not to take our families for granted. Ever. Things can change in an instant. Wishing Rus well, and you two travel safe.

  2. Gosh, that is really something about your brother. Though your reunion has taken on an entirely different shape, it must be helpful for his immediate family to have your support now, particularly since you bring your own accommodations. Everytime I think about this, I find myself sighing a big sigh. It's a hard time. And Jimmy is right, I am sure your family makes the best of whatever comes your way. I wish Rus, Anne, and you all a strong outcome.

  3. Shared memories ... that's what reunions are all about ... even when it's not exactly what you were hoping for it to be.


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