We didn't get far today! Saturday, 6/25/16

We have had a ball in Ballston Spa, New York!  Where is that, you ask?  Before coming here, I'd have said, "Search me."  Now I know it's just south of Saratoga Springs.  When we discovered an Elks lodge with an electric hookup in Ballston Spa, we didn't bother trying to locate an RV park on a Saturday.  Electric was important because the temp was high enough to need A/C.  While hooking up, the lady who showed us where to park mentioned that the town was having a fire truck parade at 11:30 -- o boy, I love a parade!  Good thing we only had 20 miles between last night and today, 'cause we got here early ...

... early enough to stop at their farmer's market, where Jimmy got to pet a bunny rabbit, and I got to hold a pullet (young chicken). I'm allergic to bunnies or I would've picked one up, too. The pullet was cuddly anyway.  The lady with the animals was selling eggs and stuff and we bought one package of sweet Italian sausage and one of smoked bacon, both from their homegrown organic piggies. We walked our goodies back to Tergel for the freezer and still had time to line up for the parade. What a sweet picture this is!

We stood next to this HUGE flag atop the ladder on a Hook 'n Ladder fire truck.


The parade was in honor of Eagle-Matt Lee Fire Company's 200th Anniversary, and the turnout was amazing!  It was a way of showing gratitude to the men and women who risk their lives to keep townspeople safe.  Jimmy counted over 50 fire trucks (of every description), old and new.  I took a picture of nearly all of them; here's a sampling only. 

Fire companies from surrounding towns and villages sent trucks of one sort or another, and the line went on and on, and on.  I think the parade was about an hour -- of fire wagons.  It wasn't until the end that a few of them started blowing sirens and horns, which had me backed up against the building, hands clapped over my ears.  But, the whole thing was fun, small-town, good fun. 

Many fire companies sent their best and proudly marched.

Jimmy really liked this one!

The End.

* * * * * * * * * *

We had plenty of time to walk around the town, which we liked immediately -- it just had the kind of ambiance that drew us in.  The Methodist Church door was unlocked, so we walked in for a look-see.  Lucky us to have a church deacon give us a tour.  It has quite a lengthy history, but this structure's cornerstone was laid in 1892.  It was beautiful inside, and reminded us of a wooden hulled ship.

This stunning stained glass window had to be 20 feet tall.

We loved walking around, studying the old, graceful homes.

This little place was our favorite.

If you're in town and like bottles, give a visit to the National Bottle Museum.  Director, Gary (above, with Jimmy), gave us an extensive tour and answered our questions.  Most of them he's probably heard before, but he was a gracious guide.

We wore our feet slap out today, but feel like we covered Ballston Spa fairly thoroughly and enjoyed it very much.  We've decided to stick around another night, and see what else the area has to offer.


  1. Wow, what a fun parade! The entire experience sounds lovely.

  2. What a neat parade of varied firetrucks. You times that right ... even if it was unplanned.


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