A little side trip, and pizza -- Sunday, 6/19/16

No hospital visit today for the visiting family members, and no trip into the City of Boston either.  We settled on a bike ride.  My youngest brother, Rob, met me and Jimmy at Fino Field in Milford MA, and we'll ride the Milford Upper Charles River Trail. 

This Swan family was cruising on the farthest side of Louisa Lake.  They knew where they'd be safe, but the camera went into overdrive to get the pic.

Riding along Cedar Swamp Pond, we encountered this fella.  He didn't seem worried about the cyclists ogling him and hopped back into the swampy grasses at his leisure.  We also saw a couple of garter snakes, but they were too fast to photograph.  Some of you will appreciate that!

Nice wide paved path, easily accessible.  Plenty of walkers, joggers, grown-ups with babes in strollers, and bicycles were out on this beautiful Father's Day Sunday.  It's always heartwarming to see families Out and About using their parks and trails.

Wildcat Pond.  I like the name, but didn't see any wildcats.

Rob in orange and Jimmy in green make good riding buddies.

Here's another family enjoying the swampy sunshine.

"Do not adjust your set."  Your eyes are not going bad ... this fuzzy-wuzzy tree was quite the specimen.  I thought it might be a Fringe Tree, but now I don't think so.  Maybe 15 feet high.

The ride was short, maybe 12 miles altogether, but we enjoyed being out riding together. The scenery was worth our while, that's for sure.  As we made our way back to the parking lot, I spotted two dark spots in the field.  I rode out to see what was black in the green.  As you see, a pair of boots.  You have to wonder about the story behind this!

* * * * *

After tidying up, around 4:30 Jimmy and I rode with Nannie and Bubba to our niece's place in Medfield, for a family pizza party.  It was a joy to spend the evening with everyone again, minus one important hospitalized brother!  We miss you, Rus, be well and come home soon!

Nannie and I got the cook's tour of Anna's room.  I don't believe she has the space for one more stuffed animal; otherwise, the house would sink.  Love those glasses, Anna!

This would be your ultimate candid shot, where everyone is relaxing and talking after emptying four large pizza boxes.  Jon is looking at the black and white pics I brought with me; all you can see of him is his feet!

Our family is full of fun and pranks.  It's about to begin.  Out come the fake teeth, which makes everybody howl, followed by more teeth and the moustache, and peals of laughter! Honestly, what could be better than silliness?  Rob is an instigator in this department! 螺

What me worry?

But, you see it's a "normal" family, not too nutty, with happy smiles, grateful to be together.

Tomorrow we return to our routine of the daily hospital visit to our brother. missing him, and hoping the medicos at Mass Gen can fix him up and send him home.  A good sign is he was transferred from Cardiac ICU to the Cardiac Step-down Unit.


  1. Oh thank goodness, progress! Hope you are doing well. Nice to see where you get that pranky silliness from. It is one of the things I love about you.

  2. Replies
    1. It's all right ... we had fun! :-)

  3. A day away from Boston's hubbub must have felt good. Good to hear your brother was transferred from ICU.


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