At the farm market! Wednesday, 6/8/16

I'm sure most people who read this blog know that Jimmy and I don't "plan" our trips down to dotting i's and crossing t's.  Half the time we don't know where we'll be the next night, and that works well for us.  Weekends can sometimes be tricky, but so far, so good.  After leaving Monessen Elks, we debated about where-to.  Turns out we found the perfect Harvest Host spot in (ready?) Catawissa, Pennsylvania!  I called from the road and got a "sure, c'mon over."  A brisk wind was blowing and, hallelujah, it was a tail wind!  Dodging occasional rainy periods (like I said, no wonder it's all-over green in these parts, it rains all the time), we made it to Rohrbach's Farm Market in early afternoon.  Rohrbach's is located in a lovely hilly part of PA, just a couple of miles from the Susquehanna River.

Thinking maybe we'd find a park to stroll through on the Susquehanna, we hopped in Smartie aiming for the river, and ... no park.  We turned on a road paralleling the river, hoping to find a bridge or a beautiful park and we drove and drove and came up with ... nothing.  When I turned around to return, lo and behold, here comes the North Shore pulling a few cars on the line that ran between the road and the river.  We waved, he waved, we continued on.

Never did find a park or anything resembling a place to walk, but Jimmy found this path below the Catawissa Bridge that led to the wide, shallow and swift river.  We met a young man with a fishing pole who was looking to catch some catfish.  Wishing him good luck, we left. 

Back in Tergel, we admired our pastoral surroundings -- prosperous farms with healthy-appearing crops.  A cold wind was blowing, so we bundled up for a short hike up a hill.

We briefly spotted a doe with a faun before they disappeared into the woods.

My oh my, we had fun in the farm market.  The biggest decision was whether to buy apple dumplings, a small apple pie or a BIG apple pie, all homemade.  No contest, the big pie won!  We also bought sweet corn and fresh local asparagus.  All delicious.  Thursday morning we had apple pie for breakfast.  It tasted so good that we had two slices each.  My sister called us "piggies." 

The ladies at the farm market were very kind to us, asking if we needed anything.  Jimmy mentioned that we were a little low on water and she showed him the hose bib to use.  

After dinner, I walked across the street to see for myself which grain was growing.  The whipping wind kept the field in motion, like the crowd at a ballpark doing the wave. Kind of mesmerizing.  A loose stalk of wheat lay on the ground, so I brought it back to show Jimmy.  It's now a part of Tergel.

What a fantastic sunset to end our hump day.  What a treat!


  1. Anonymous6:52 PM

    What?! No picture of said large apple pie?!?

    1. Oh, I should have taken a picture, but didn't. Thought of you, though!

  2. Downright decadent, apple pie for breakfast! tsk, tsk.

  3. Pie for b'fast ... probably what Mui would do, and he'd add a scoop of ice cream to it ;-)


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