Much, much more NYC! Tuesday, 6/14/16

We left Bernice and Ibby's townhome later this morning because we knew we'd be in the city late tonight.  I think everyone enjoyed sleeping in a bit as all of us were tuckered out when we got back last night. Bernice fixed us a hearty, delicious breakfast -- fortification, doncha know for the day ahead.  As per yesterday, we took the New Jersey train into Penn Station ... what a beehive of noise and movement.  Comings and goings of city people on the move. Thank goodness we had our friends as guides, or we might be stuck in there forevermore. Heck, Jimmy and I can get lost in our own little spot of Nevada City!  No worries ... today we'd kinda confine our walk to midtown.  This was another banner day for miles on foot!

Jimmy didn't want to look like a tourist.  But, you know what?  You can't help but look up and point and ooh and aah as you walk along (watching your footing, of course).  If that's looking like a tourist (I'm grinning here), then all four of us were guilty.  The Empire State Building loomed large as we left the station, but the consensus was we didn't want to go inside.

We walked to the Garment District to see Ibby's daughter-in-law's Embroidery Studio on West 36th, which impressed us no end.  Her studio was amazing.  The above pic is one small section of the studio.   Most of the employees were at lunch when we arrived, hence it was quiet.  A very busy young lady, she graciously took time to show us around.

Moving along! I love the buildings in the city ... every design, every size, shape and color. I took lots of pics because they're so tempting to photograph.  Makes it hard to chose which ones make it on the blog.  

Me and Bernice in front of Ripley's Believe it or Not!
This ain't a real guy, either!

Times Square in the daytime is lit up like electricity is free.
Bet it's even more so at night.

We walked in and around Rockefeller Center; we wanted to go up to Bar Sixty-Five for the city views, but we were barred (sorry) from going up as it didn't open till five.  That would have been something!  The upright swimming pool above is "art."  It's Van Gogh's Ear by Elmgreen and Dragset at the pedestrian plaza's Fifth Avenue entrance.  It certainly garnered a lot of attention.

We cut over to St Patrick's Cathedral, a most wondrous sacred edifice, standing alone and glowing white among the dark glass and gray buildings.  It's really stunning, inside and out.  I wish we would have had more time to tour the entire structure.  

Naturally, the cathedral had a continual stream of visitors.
Picture-taking was sketchy at best.


We didn't ride, but we did admire the horse's tassels.

From the Cathedral, we made our way into a corner of Central Park West, where the city's hustle and bustle disappeared. We found a quiet oasis here and walked some more. The four of us are sitting on a bridge overlooking a small pond ... everything is so green!

Still in Central Park, we briefly watched a ball game, and then worked our way around to The Dakota.  This beautiful apartment building was shrouded in netting, due to renovation, so we didn't get to see much.  Dakota is famous as the home of John Lennon, who was shot to death outside the building in 1980.  Doesn't seem that long ago ....

Dinner was on the fly, as we had a Broadway play to attend.  This was the quickest service ever, and the sandwiches were good!  Sitting down felt even better!

Neither Jimmy nor I had ever seen a Broadway play, and The Father was a winner.  Start time was 7pm, with no intermission.  Frank Langella and the cast got a standing O when the curtain dropped. If I had to describe the play, I'd say it was painful to watch, but something I'll never forget.  We four trooped out into Times Square in awe of Frank Langella's performance and the play in general.

Still upright, still on the move, we beheld the spectacle that is Times Square.  Ibby said it wasn't crowded this evening, but for those of us who came into the city from the woods, it was crowded! Young and old, and in between, eyeballing the lights, the overwhelming brightness, almost strobe-like from some of the huge screens, it's mind-boggling.  Those of you who've seen it know whereof I speak.  Costumed people (below) posed for pictures, looking for a buck or two, tho I shot this one w/o forking over a dime.  It's all crazy.  Crazy fun.

Dog-tired and footsore again (but happy to have participated), we walked back to Penn Station and caught the New Jersey Train.  You wouldn't think we'd be hungry, but we were, so a stop at Manny's Deli was in order, but I don't know exactly where we were.  Jimmy and I fell into bed when we finally reached the townhome.  I think we had a thunderstorm sometime while we slept, but that may have been the night before.  We had such a terrific time, a visit to remember.  Bernice and Ibby were perfect hosts and Big City guides!

We were up fairly early Wednesday morning, as it was our travel day to the Boston area family reunion, which meant a road trip of four-five hours.  Again, Bernice fed us a yummy breakfast.  We said our goodbyes, knowing we'd be travel partners again in November, and we're looking forward to it.  Thanks, you two!  Tergel was right where we left her, and we zoomed off.

Next up:  An ominous text message as we navigate through the insanity of New York in a motor home.


  1. Don't you just love NYC! I wouldn't want to live there but we sure do love to visit. We keep saying that we want to stay there for a month or so and do a house sit and just take our time and see many of the different parts of the city. You can certainly never get bored there. So glad you had a great time and the the sun shone down on you while you were out and about.

    We hate driving a motorhome home in that whole New York, Connecticut and New England area, it is just too busy and congested for us. Not an enjoyable ride.


  2. So great to have city savvy guides for the Big One. I can't believe all you did in just a day. Uh oh. Leaving us hanging?

  3. Yikes , NY in a motorhome!

    1. Just traveling from NJ to MA was a nightmare, plus an $84 charge to cross the George Washington Bridge. You're right: Yikes!

  4. Some art just makes me shake my head ... the pool ... and the guy in his undies in the previous post ???? You guys sure showed Jimmie a lot of NYC in two days.


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