Off we go... hiking into Pole Canyon 4/16

Monday in Great Basin Nat'l Pk dawned clear and sunny (and kinda chilly @ 32F) - a perfect day to hike as soon as it warmed a tad - haha. When we asked Ranger Rick yesterday about good hikes in the park, he suggested Pole Canyon as it was the only one we wouldn't need snowshoes on! Whoa, Nellie - Pole Canyon it is! 2.3 mi one way beginning at 6820' elevation. We missed reading the part on the trail post sign that said the trail ended at a rarefied 8430'. We slept early and well that nite....

But first, a hearty breakfast of whole grain buttermilk flapjacks!

Trailhead started here @ the bridge and began climbing gradually. We followed the little creek for a long time...

..thru hardwoods and pines - the aspens were still in winter mode. Glorious day!

After maybe a mile, we began seeing patches of snow...

...but the trail scenery was gorgeous.

I love this picture of Jimmy admiring the view!

By the time I took this picture, much of the trail had snow on it or near it.

This sign post (sans sign) was our turn around. The trail "T's" here, but continuing on was not recommended because of snow.  Heck, we couldn't even see where the trail went. Glad we'd brought our jackets at this point. We didn't see much wildlife this day, but we know (based on scat and tracks) that other critters walk the trail. One in particular didn't want to be seen, but it left us a new "calling card" just so we'd know it had been there, too.

Great outing!

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  1. 32 degrees? Shiver me timbers!


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