How about a granola bar? Chips? Tootsie Roll? Friday, 10/24/14

It began as we approached Smartie from the Slickrock Foot Trail (Canyonlands Nat'l Park).  A raven sat atop the rail on the car behind ours.  As we got closer, I started talking to him, "Dude, wassup?"  (I always talk to ravens.) I think the following pictures speak for themselves!

The rascal hopped on my bike handlebar!

He eyed my small front bag, found the zipper and commenced working the zipper tab.
 I told him the bag was empty.

So, he decided to check out Jimmy's bike (tool) bag and decided that wasn't worth the effort, either.

I rattled our EMPTY granola wrappers (looking for any bits left inside).  Mr. Raven immediately flew to the passenger side mirror and peered in to look at me for the goodies.  He understood the sound of crinkling wrappers, all right!  Uh, now what?  Jimmy found a Tootsie Roll in the glove compartment, unwrapped it and pinched off a tiny piece... 

... which I delicately (?) handed to the raven.  Do you have ANY idea how big a raven's beak is?

Oh, yum, sez he!  And THEN he called in a friend.  With no more bites forthcoming, and that lethal-looking beak very close to my face (not to mention sharp claws), I said, "Jimmy, START THE CAR!"

He did, and they flew.  But I swear, they followed us the rest of the afternoon.  So smart.  So bold.  And so cool!
Caw, caw, caw!


  1. Ah, you are secretly Raven Woman! Smart and canny and full of humor.

  2. Ravens and the Gibraltar apes ... they know what the sound of crinkling paper means.

  3. Anonymous5:53 AM

    Loved the Raven...he's probably targeting little Smartie cars from now on, looking for tootsie rolls. Smart guys.


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