Moving right along ... Wed, 10/22/14

Jimmy and I have had THE best time at this national monument.  We have oohed and aahed over just about everything in the few days we spent here, especially the varied rock and soil types, tilt and uplift, and rocks and boulders all a-jumble.  The wide, open sky allows a person to breathe and feel robust.  Seeing the Green River tear across the landscape made us want to return to raft the rapids.  Like the campground in Great Basin Nat'l Park, Dinosaur has been nearly empty this time of year, and we have trod the trails alone, quiet and serene   I think the only critter life we spotted was bunny rabbits, which was good enough for us.

Wednesday morning, we hiked one more 3-mile R/T trail from Split Mtn C/G to the closed Green River C/G, following the river. Last nite's rain left small craters and mini-canyons on the trail, but nothing unmanageable. Hiking in full sun, we were soon overdressed and got hot.  At Green River C/G, we cooled off at a picnic table in the shade of a gigantic Fremont Cottonwood, and simply enjoyed. 

* * * * *
Tergel pulled out of DNM Thursday morning, aiming for either Moab or Monticello (Utah).  We need to move south and east, but don't want to cross any 10,000' or higher passes, so we elected to drive south, first briefly into Colorado, and then back into Utah, along its eastern side.  As we reentered Utah, we took a "short cut on a dotted road" (Hwy 128) with scenery so grand that it left us breathless.  On that scenic road, we joined the mighty Colorado River, following alongside as it cut thru Utah.  We took the following pictures on this drive.   

The Colorado River might not look too dynamic at this point in its run, but we saw plenty of current ... and some rip-roarin' rapids.

We gassed up in Moab, near the confluence of the Green and Colorado rivers, but passed on staying in Moab, moving further down Hwy 191 to Monticello in Southeastern Utah.  Tomorrow's plan is to visit and see what kinda stuff 'n nonsense we can get into at Canyonlands National Park!  A new adventure awaits!


  1. I am finally catching up and you are in my Red Rock gorgeous world! So happy to see you having fun and enjoying the countryside without crowds. I don't think some slot canyon hikers or at the boxcanyonblog were as lucky last weekend. Good for you! Can't wait to see what you photograph in Canyonlands.

  2. Nothing quite like red rocks against a blue sky ... except perhaps ice ;-)


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