Lest I forget ... up, up, and away ... Wednesday, 10/08/14

My friend, Fran, who used to live on the Big Island, thought I might laugh at Kona International Airport, because ... well, it just doesn't quite live up to the idea of an international airport.  Nope, Fran, quite the opposite -- I love this little landing field!  LAX it isn't, and that's a good thing, IMO.  LAX, and many others like it, is so out-of-control big that scores of people, myself included, dislike flying into or out of it (but will out of necessity).  Just look at how sweet this airport is.  The best part is being right there, where the action is -- close to the airstrip, watching planes landing and taking off, travelers getting on and off.  We weren't sequestered inside a sterile building, behind glass, wishing we could see something real.  Kona is the real deal.

This is the check-in area.  Open air, tropical-style, of course.

Jimmy awaits our flight, sitting beneath a palm tree...

... while I wander around, looking at everything ... birds, planes, and people.  Never saw a plane like this one -- no, it's not ours, but it certainly is neat looking. 

Here comes our jet, right on time, about a half hour before our scheduled departure.

 Jimmy's joined the line of boarding passengers, and I'm right behind him.

 Our inter-island flight to Maui is less than a half hour, but the flight attendants manage to hand out refreshments (much appreciated by us).  Love the name on the water cup.

The Island of Maui hoves into view, a most beautiful sight from my window seat.
Once on land, we had a short wait for our flight back to the mainland ... Oakland International Airport (OAK), which is nothing, nothing like my favorite:  KOA: Kona

We arrived home at Midnight, safe and sound, tired and happy, and grateful.

T H E  E N D!


  1. Great trip ... thanks for taking me along.

  2. I agree: now THAT is my kind of airport!

  3. The Phoenix airport used to be like that too. But that was back in the 80's.

  4. Anonymous10:20 AM

    Kona IS an adorable, iconic airport- and as long as it's not too hot or crowded it's fantastic. You & Jimmy have a traveling fairy that whisks you both through airport security and blasts bad weather. But imho, Hilo, ITO mo' betta! -Fran (p.s. "Ohana" means family. The designs are kapa patterns.)


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