Lower Lehman Caves C/G in GBNP -- 10/15 - 10/18

We drove all day Wednesday (10/15) across Nevada on Hwy 50 to get here:  Great Basin National Park, in central Nevada, on the eastern edge, where it borders Utah.  If we lacked color on the drive, we made up for it in this park -- it's a virtual feast for the eyes.  And let's face it, unless you get out of the vehicle, you're not going to see much. Sure, monotonous pale green shrubs and sage are still apparent, covering the valleys and lower slopes, but as we climbed higher, a world of color opened before us!  Just as I'd hoped!

We were last here in April, 2012 -- springtime, and deep snows prevented us from seeing as much as we wanted. Most trees hadn't leafed out yet.  In fact, Lower Lehman Caves C/G hadn't turned on their water yet, so we filled our 5-gallon collapsible cube from the V/C as needed.  The campground has no hookups.  This time, park personnel had just turned OFF the water, in anticipation of freezing temps, so we were back to filling water jugs at the V/C.  Small price to pay... esp considering the camping fee:  $3.00/nite -- such a deal!

Lower Lehman C/G, at 7,300 ft, only has 12 sites spaced idyllically far apart, and we were lucky to snag a fairly level one (level ... on a mountainside? ... hah!).  A tiny creek tumbles down the mountain beside the campground, mule deer abound, and wild turkeys stroll about like they own the place.  In short:  Heavenly!

 Lower Lehman C/G road, in front of Tergel.

Tergel snuggled in the foliage.

 Wonderful view from our dinette.

 Last time we saw these ancient apricot trees, they were in full bloom.  Autumn brings a golden glow.

The girls were out in force one morning, upwards of 25 of 'em, milling around. 

On Scenic Wheeler Peak drive, we were in nosebleed territory!

Smartie doesn't mind driving up and up, and she likes flying downhill.

It won't be long before winter blows its way into GBNP.
Wheeler Peak will soon be blasted by storms, blanketed with snow and this road closed till spring melt.
Stellar panorama today!

Tomorrow?  A dream come true!


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