Sometimes ya gotta come outa the woods! 10/18 - 10/19

Like when you need to get out of the rain?  Sometimes you have to "get back to civilization!"  Not that you want to, necessarily, but you know when it's time.  We had to get supplies, electricity would be nice, and a long, hot shower after days of roughing it (read:  low on water) was muy importante!  Our next destination is Dinosaur National Monument in eastern Utah, bordering Colorado, and that, too, will be no hookups and more roughing it, so to speak.  Provo was the in-between spot we picked to gas up, charge up, and stock up.  We've stayed in Provo before, but this time we picked the Provo Elks on University Avenue, not too far from sprawling, attractive BYU campus.  After setting up, and before the grocery run, we "stepped out" for dinner at The Old Spaghetti Factory, which we enjoyed very much!

This time of year, the Wasatch Mountains (indeed, the entire area), were alive with color.  Quite an amazing sight.  One of our favorite bike trails runs along the Provo River, so off we went on a spectacular Sunday for a leisurely 20-mile ride.  All the photos below were taken while on our bikes.  Once again, it sure was purty!

 Here I stand at Bridal Veil Falls ... a double cataract waterfall that drops 607 feet.  It looked like a triple cataract falls to me.  Regardless, it's impressive!

 Our turn-around point is Vivian Park, a Provo River Bikeway Trailhead and the end of the line for the Heber Creeper Railroad!  From this point, the train reverses direction and returns to its main station in Heber City.  Gotta love the name:  Heber Creeper.  Bet it would be very scenic ride now!  The trees here were a deep golden color.

Tomorrow (Monday), we'll head east to Dinosaur National Monument, a place of fossils, petroglyphs and fantastic geological formations.  Looking forward to visiting this huge national park for the first time.


  1. If you're staying at the Green River campground, I hope the mosquitoes are gone for the year.

    1. Split Mountain is the only C/G open this time of year, and yup, no skeeters here. Even better, no people either! We have the entire park to ourselves. Best of all? Because the water has been turned off, there's no fee, either!

  2. Didn't get to ride the Heber Creeper. First it was because we didn't know about it; then it was because it was out of service for several year ... and then we left Utah and moved to Virginia. Maybe when we finally get to Utah with the Phaeton we'll get a chance to ride the train.

  3. what spectacular views! wonderful bike ride!

  4. Anonymous7:21 AM


  5. Wow, beautiful day, beautiful trail. Thanks for sharing.

  6. Such gorgeous color. The skies look pretty blue, no pollution at that moment at least. So gorgeous.


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