Can you stand it? Friday in GBNP, 10/17/14

Can you stand seeing more glowing fall colors?

Jimmy and I enjoyed the 90-min Grand Palace Tour of Lehman Caves a few years ago, but since the cost is minimal, we wanted to try a different cave tour today.  Nope.  Sold out.  Utah schools are out for a few days and cave tour tickets were sold out.  So be it.  Not people to sit around and mourn, we strapped on our hiking shoes and set off for Pole Canyon.  The last time we hiked Pole Canyon in April 2012, deep snow stopped us.  And it's funny how memory works ... we both remembered this trail as flat.  It isn't really. It's a lovely, picturesque 4-mile R/T trail with an elevation gain of 600 ft.  Nothing major, but after yesterday, we wanted flat!  Nevertheless, its beauty kept us going.  The trail starts at a grey cliffs area, crosses a small bridge, passes through different forest communities and into several small meadows.

Hope you enjoyed our autumn hike as much as we did.


  1. entiatdavid9:18 PM

    Anyone here...I don't think I have before. I'm just glad someone else found out how neat the GBNP is,caves included! We visited a few years ago and it is so nice it quiet and not overun. Guess school was in or they were off with their parents to the Grand Canyon or Vegas.

  2. Sure did! A beautiful hike!

  3. Hiking from my chair in Port A ... about the only elevation I am going to find around here is going to be in blog pages.

  4. You know how much we loved GBNP. So worth the drive to get there. It is a place we will definitely return, and it looks like October might be a smart time, just watch out for those school holidays.


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