And now for a little dip! Sunday, 10/25/14

Since we were skunked on riding the Durango-Silverton Narrow Gauge train yesterday, we picked Pagosa Springs as our next destination.  Actually, Jimmy asked me what I wanted to do, and I thought for at least two seconds before replying, "I'd like to swim in Pagosa Springs."  We piled out of Durango and drove the 60 miles to Healing Waters Resort & Spa in Pagosa Springs.  We snuck in under the wire on this one ... their RV area closes Oct 31st, all five sites.  

Nothing fancy here, but the full hookup "room" charge included use of all their on-site mineral pools.  Jimmy and I were quite comfy in this "charming setting," and it was quiet.  I looked up a 2004 Colorado trip diary I kept and this is the same place (different name) we stayed at then, only we were in their motel, not an RV.  We found the place today w/o any problem, and felt pretty proud of ourselves.  Ten years later, however, we could see the years were catching up with this grand ol' place (and us, too?).

According to the Guinness World Records, Pagosa Springs is home to the deepest geothermal hot spring measured by a plumb line.  The actual depth of the spring is unknown, as the plumb line measured a maximum depth of 1,002 ft, and it ran out before hitting the bottom of the spring.  Ute Indians believed the hot springs were a gift from the Great Spirit; most people believe the hot mineral water holds healing and therapeutic value.

The lady at the check-in desk told us that the large mineral swimming pool temperature was 95°, the large outdoor soaking tub was 105°, and the indoor baths (separate male and female baths) measured a skin-burning 108°!  Neither of us went near the indoor baths!  Jimmy favored the outdoor hot tub, and I enjoyed a blissful swim in the 95 degree pool.  My hair felt so soft when I washed it later.

Before jumping into our suits, we strolled along the river walk and into the town proper.  The day was sunny and warm and it felt good to be Out and About.  It being a Sunday, not much was going on and most of the shops were closed.  Jimmy is on the bridge over the San Juan River.

 I betcha there's trout just waiting to be caught in this shallow river! 

 Ten years ago, this huge resort across from ours wasn't around -- The Springs.  Don't think they have RV sites, and I bet the rooms are a lot more expensive.   

 Nice man sitting in front of a nice mural on San Juan Street. 

 Here is the actual (CAUTION!) hot mineral springs.

 There is also a certain odor about this spring, our pools, and the whole area of town near the spring -- the exotic fragrance of rotten eggs -- sulfurous!  Aw heck, we got used to it.

We bought a few groceries, we walked, we soaked and swam, and then we had a yummy dinner out at Ramon's as the sun was setting.  This little lake had lots of coots and grebes, and one black kitty sitting on the shore watching them longingly.  Cute to see.  All in all, today was a very good day!


  1. There are times when I am grateful that my smeller doesn't work very well..... Peeyou!

  2. What a pretty place! We'll have to stop there on our next trip to Colorado.

  3. I'd take the hot springs over a train ride any day.

  4. I don't mind the smell of hot springs, but Mo hates it. It is one of the reasons we love going to Desert Hot Springs. All that gorgeous, clear hot water and not any odor. Nice to see that the springs are still accessible at least. I have never been to Pagosa.

    1. It's a neat town nestled on the western slope of the Rockies at 7,000 ft. Notwithstanding the sulfurous smell :-), you guys would Pagosa Springs!

  5. Ahhhh ... a hot spring pool where you can the scenery. We enjoyed a couple of evening dips in Iceland last year.


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