Playing the day away! Tuesday, Oct 7th, 2014

On our last full day on the Big Island, the four of us decided we'd hang out at the Hilton Waikoloa Village area, which is a huge complex (including our Kings Land condo) that bills itself as a "spectacular oceanfront playground."  And that is a correct analysis, as far as we're concerned.  Swimming, shopping, dining, relaxing, riding, you name it -- it's there, and we enjoyed ourselves immensely.  No long routes to drive, just a kicked-back kinda day, appreciating what we have right here.  The Waikoloa Village link has a video that I watched, and that, too, pretty much sums up our experience on the Big Island.  I think I'll let the pictures do the talking today.

 We took the little shuttle train (with lights on) to this end of the complex, starting with a nice cuppa.

I've never seen so much artwork at a hotel before, much of it open to the elements.
(but, remember, it doesn't rain much here)
Can you spot the doofuses invading the scene?

Of course we stopped to visit the birds.  This happy young lady has a great job!

 Jimmy and me, Diane and Tom (in reflection) amid the art.

This beauty is a Silver Pheasant (Lophura nycthemera), another eye-catching Asian import.

We had lunch at Island Fish and Chips ... and these guys knew where the French fries would drop.  

Pool time!  This pool at Kings Land is warm salt water.  It winds around islands, has waterfalls and misters that look like steam vents (I was cautious) a water slide, hot tub, cold plunge (didn't) and is oh-so-heavenly.  The water seems to caress your body!  Easy to float, too.

One of the pool waterfalls -- it'd work out your neck aches!  (or give you one!)

After shopping, swimming, and playing, it was time to change at the condo for dinner! 

 From our table, we watched the sun ease down toward the ocean.

Outstanding open air dining at Kirin Chinese Restaurant.  

The sky turned this remarkable shade of lavender/orchid (untouched pic) as we finished dinner.
Could it get any better?  We don't think so; it was just perfect.
One more special thank you to our friends, Tom and Diane!

The End.


  1. Another spectacular trip! Fortunate folks....

  2. Dig those Hawaiian shirts (and lily white legs in the pool)! ;)

  3. Anonymous7:55 AM

    WOW you're having once-in-a-lifetime experiences!!! Awesome photos!!! Janet

  4. Great playground you found yourselves! Love that shot of the sun through the palm trees.

  5. What a great trip. I loved seeing the yellow tangs in the water. Used to have a salt water aquarium many years ago and had a favored yellow tang pet. Gotta get myself back to Hawaii!


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