A Coffee kind of Sunday, 10/05/14

Another pretty morning on the Big Island.  Seems as tho the daily temperature is 88 degrees, period, with a fresh breeze that rustles the palm fronds.  This morning Tom and Diane have their mandatory time share sales pitch appointment @ 8:30, which means we'll have the afternoon free to explore more Big Island.

But first, Jimmy has sliced open our Maui-grown SWEET pineapple, which we'll have with blueberry muffins for Sunday breakfast...

... with added silliness!  These two worked together for years and are BFF.

 After they left, Jimmy and I hiked around the large Hilton (Kings Land) complex, admiring flora and fauna.

I dared Jimmy to wander into this lava field, thinking he'd say, "no."  He was game!  Then I hoped he wouldn't trip or stumble 'cause lava rock is so unstable and razor sharp.  He was fine. 

Gray Francolin (game bird) who likes to hang out mornings on the lava behind the condo. 

Every time I walked near a Plumeria tree, I inhaled its perfume.

Their two-hour appointment swelled into four hours, and their ears were smoking when they returned, but nobody got hurt . We four decided to head south, below the airport, to "do" lunch and to tour a coffee farm. Tom, Jimmy and I do the driving in that big ol' Charger, and we take turns sitting in front and back seats, like musical chairs.  I took the wheel today, aiming for Greenwell Farms.

We really enjoyed lunch, sitting on this screened porch at Annie's Island Fresh Burgers in Kealakekua. Voted best burgers and using grass-fed Big Island beef, as well as veggies from their on-site 1/4 acre organic garden, the four of us ate very well.  I ordered a marlin burger with wasabi (hold the wasabi, please) and purple potato salad ... it was all delicious.  I've tried different kinds of burgers, but never a marlin burger, till now.  Yum yum!

Greenwell Farms was a mile or so further south.  This coffee farm in the heart of Kona is rich with history, tradition, and coffee, naturally.  It's been family owned and operated since the mid-1800's, and offers free tours of the farm daily.  They also farm acres of fruit trees -- avocado, orange, banana, maybe others -- all laden with fruit.  At least ten hot pots of assorted coffees for sampling lined a table, and we tasted several.  Bags of coffee were for sale and jars of jam could be bought.  And lotions, too.  

 Anne explains about "cherry" beans, meaning when the coffee bean is ripe and ready to pick, it's as red as a cherry.  Her tour was full of interesting info.

 Smaller farms bring their Kona-grown beans to Greenwell Farms for processing.

Red jungle fowl move about the grounds -- keeping the bug population down.

   Heliconia rostrata -- lobster claw Heliconia.

I can't help myself -- I wander off, intrigued by sights like the giant bush of Heliconia, above, and banana trees, below.

But the best was this dude:

I loved looking at this cool chameleon, parked on a low orange tree branch, with his rotating eyeballs veering off in opposite directions.  Most of the tour folk, like me and Diane, got down on their knees to check him out, take a couple dozen photos!  I wanted to carry it home.  Alas, that's crazy!  

We tasted coffee, but didn't buy any; it's quite expensive!  Both Diane and I liked KonaRed, Hawaiian Antioxidant drink, and we both bought on-the-go packs.  It's made from the fruit that surrounds the famous coffee bean, but tastes nothing like coffee.  It's a refreshing red berry juice, loaded with nutrients and "an extraordinary amount of antioxidants!"  Figure that'll come in right handy!

One last stop on the way back to the condo.  We had to stop (and perhaps buy?):

* * * * * * * * * *

So, what do we see out the back sliding glass door when get to the condo?  I nearly fainted!

What is this thing?

 Wild island goats!  Everywhere, cropping ferns and flowers.  Strange-looking beasts!  Must have been 15 or so.  Look at those horns!

After eating dinner, we brought out Mexican Train Dominoes (added weight in that suitcase!) to play a few games, something we always do when we're together.  I got skunked this night (boo hiss). Some hours later, one wide yawn infected the group, and we put the game away till tomorrow eve. What's on tap for tomorrow?  Excitement!

The End.


  1. Dang! Good thing none of the goats decided to come in and visit with y'all! Yeow! Amazing chameleon! You have the BEST adventures....

  2. Oh no -- lava walking in flip flops. Glad Jimmy didn't cut him foot on that lava. I too love the smell of plumeria ... last time I inhaled the scent was in Costa Rica. Love the chameleon.


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