A very exciting post! Wednesday, Feb 17th, 2016

The wind was still whipping when we awoke this morning, but the sun was shining and Jimmy and I wanted to snorkel today, regardless; it was our last chance.  The spot we picked was one we'd seen a few days ago: Mahukona Beach Park, roughly 20 miles north of Waikoloa Village.  This is an old harbor abandoned by a sugar cane company, with no beach.  I'll talk more about this in my next post.

Diane chose to stay at the condo for some quiet time.  Tom decided to accompany us, but not go in the water, mainly so he could stay with the rental car.  Key fobs don't do well underwater and we didn't want to leave the minivan unlocked.  We picked up rented snorkel equipment and headed for Mahukona.  As we sped north, 5,479' Kohala Mountain hidden in low, gray clouds on our right, and the Pacific on our left, wild with white-caps and wind streaks, those fierce side-winds nearly blew us off the road.  The sky darkened, and rain began to fall.

Rain was pouring when we got to the park; only a couple of hardy souls were Out and About.  Three other snorkelers slipped into the water.  Jimmy and I put on our gear, in the rain, and inched toward the ladder into the harbor.  The wind had whipped the ocean into a frenzy and waves were crashing into the harbor's abrupt end.  As soon as I entered the water, a wave pushed me toward the rocks (didn't like that).  When Jimmy hit the water, I grabbed hold of him.  I put my face in the water, and that's all it took for me to be hooked, so to speak!  The other snorkelers returned to their car, which left just the two of us in the water.  We were very careful to stick together and not go out far.  It continued to rain.  We didn't care.  Except for one thing -- we neglected to apply sunscreen first because it was raining!!  Paid a price for that bit of negligence, too ....

The good news is how delightful our snorkel was!  Warm water, colorful fish, and interesting formations below made our day. Indeed, our entire trip!  Schools of Yellow Tangs were so much fun to watch.  In charge of the GoPro, Jimmy kept a steady recording of our underwater adventure.

The above video is the exciting part.  It's our very first.  It may be amateurish, but it's a beginning, and we are proud of ourselves that we a) learned how to do it, and b) can finally show you a bit of how cool it is below the water's surface.

I haven't figured out how to put two videos on the same post, so I'll add another post after this with the other video.  Stay tuned!


  1. Fun ... the GoPro is great for underwater videos. Mui has been wearing a snorkeling skin for years now ... just the top ... whenever he goes snorkeling ... good protection for the back.

  2. Neat! We get our GoPro at the end of this month and will look forward to videoing some of our hikes, unfortunately there won't be any nice underwater videos like yours, at least not for some time.

  3. I never imagined getting a sunburn in the rain. Geez. I love yellow tangs. When Lance and I had an aquarium, we had yellow tangs, blue tangs, and many others, but I always get a kick out of seeing them in the wild. Seems like a dry bag pocket would be a good idea for keys and wallet. Something that clips to your body and stays dry and safe, just in case you don't have a friendly car watcher around.

  4. We got a GOPro a few years back and only used it a couple of times. I always forget we even have the darn thing! Enjoyed your video.


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