Homeward-bound, Monday, February 22nd

It did seem sorta strange to be lollygagging under palm trees on Thursday and riding through deep snow a few days later, but nobody complained about trading one type of adventure for a different type!

The Zephyr was supposed to leave Reno this morning at 8:36, but we were late boarding because Amtrak had to add another passenger car to an already-full train.  We four sat in a crowded waiting room because it was too cold out on the platform to stand around.  We didn't wait long, maybe 15 minutes, no big deal.

Chugging over the dun-colored Nevada foothills after leaving Reno, a flume passed under our train.

Before long the Truckee River was bordered by snow.

Again, our stop in Truckee was brief, and then the Zephyr climbed toward the pass.

Donner Lake

A train buff waited in the snow to take a pic of the Zephyr huffing down the mountain.

Soda Springs ski/snow board/tubing park.  Ski resorts in the Sierras have had a much better winter!

Watch it -- there's a truck on the track!

Definitely a meringue-decorated hillside!

Will do!

Too soon the trip was over, but it was a winner as far as we were concerned.  Since it was lunchtime, we stopped at Happy Apple Kitchen for sandwiches (and their to-die-for apple cupcakes) on the way home.  Back at the ranch, we unpacked yet again!

Some of the fruit trees at Happy Apple were in full bloom, what a lovely sight!

Now comes the time to wind down our wonderful two weeks with Tom and Diane.  Above, we're at Lefty's Grill in Nevada City one evening.  They've opened a new Decco Dining Room at Lefty's, overlooking Deer Creek -- a great place to dine with a view.

Diane was feeling a little better, so one morning the four of us put on our walking shoes for a stroll around Nevada County fairgrounds, all green and pretty, with beautiful trees blossoming.  Evening times were devoted to Mexican Train Dominoes.  It's not that any of us is competitive (haha), but let me tell you that a couple of evenings brought out the worst for three losing poor sports, along with one happy winner!  We play for fun, and we have a great time, and the winners always change, and it's all okay.  Life is good.

On Thursday morning, Feb 25th, we drove our guests to Sacramento Internat'l Airport for their flight back to Tallahassee.  Thank you so much for Hawaii and for visiting us in Nevada City!  But before the airport, we stopped.  The crossed palms below will give you a hint as to where.

Don't know?  Give up?  Most In-n-Out Burgers have a pair of crossed palm trees out front, because the founder got the idea from his favorite film:  It's a Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad World.  In the film the characters race to find treasure buried under palm trees in the shape of a "W" and Harry Snyder, the founder of In-n-Out, wanted to mark each restaurant as his own treasure.  Trivia, doncha know.

Enjoy today!


  1. Palm trees, spring blooms, and snow ... you sure had a beautiful mixed bag. Have never been to an In-n-Out Burger ... now I know what to look for.

  2. Two weeks in Hawaii followed by a winter train trip across the high Sierra - doesn't get much better than that.

    1. Actually, one week in Hawaii and then our friends followed us home for a week in Nevada City, but you're right, it doesn't get much better!

  3. Love the Meringue Snow picture!


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