The Last Hurrah! Thursday, 2/18/16

We have enjoyed our week on The Big Island, but now it was time to go.  Our flight from Kona to Oakland didn't leave till mid-afternoon, which left us with a few hours for more exploring.  The ETA at Oakland was 9:30, and then we had the three-hour drive up to Nevada City, so we wouldn't get home till after midnight. Tom and Diane's flight didn't leave till late night and they wouldn't get to Sacramento till 9 the next morning.  Tom would return the minivan, thank you very much; it served us well for the week.

Tropical Giant White Spider Lily -- wowzers!

One final look at Bldg 21, third floor, overlooking the golf course.
Stylish, clean, and quiet, plus all the comforts of home.

Hawaii is known for its spectacular wildflowers, and rightly so.  These Lantana pop!

This last morning before departure, we discovered yet another beach/snorkel spot not far from where we were staying --Anaeho'omalu Beach, a calm bay and a lovely place to relax on the sand after a swim or snorkel.  Maybe next time!

The wind, ohmygosh, that wind!  No hat or visor would stay put.  Hair blowin' every-which-way, but the warm sun felt so good.  Tom was getting in a few more doses of Vitamin D.  The four of us climbed into the minivan for the short hop to the airport, where we said our good-byes, and see-you-tomorrows.  Our friends would join us in Nevada City for the next week, trading in Hawaii for California before returning to their home in Tallahassee, Florida.  Hey, this sounds like a travelogue!

I'll leave you with this very subtle rainbow, another quintessential Hawaiian symbol.
Aloha, till we meet again!
California, here we come!


  1. Look at that lovely rainbow bidding you safe travels. Always nice to go and always nice to come home again.

  2. All good things must come to an end ... and vacations are no exception. Thanks for taking me to Hawai'i while I was (am still) in the desert.


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