Cabo San Lucas -- Thursday, 3/17/16

Leaving San Diego on late Tuesday afternoon, Ruby Princess sailed southeasterly all day Wednesday and called up Cabo San Lucas very early Thursday morning ... over 750 nautical miles.  Jimmy and I spent a relaxing day at sea, walking the Promenade Deck (#7), and we even brought out the Yahtzee game.  Funny thing, we only play Yahtzee aboard a ship (occasionally in Tergel), but never at home ... I guess we enjoy throwing dice on a moving target!

Can't beat it.

Naturally I was awake before dawn.  The good news is I got to watch the sun rise over yonder Baja peninsula.  Pacific white-sided dolphins cavorted by the bow, and a Mama Gray Whale with her baby showed themselves.  Cool early morning greeting to Ruby!

Looks like we're late to the party.  A Carnival Cruise ship and the Crown Princess are here before us.  Think the Cabo streets and shops might be a little crowded?  Answer:  Yes.  Our anchorage is the furthest away from town and we'll be tendered ashore -- roughly a mile and a half.  The wind is up, too, which may make for slow and/or rough going. 

"GoinDeep" must be throwing gradeaux, attracting a crowd of Brown Pelicans and Frigatebirds.

And then there's this:  That is NOT an engine off the back of this boat.  It's a sea lion!  The huge creature has learned that there's a reward for following and even crawling aboard a boat!  Obviously people have fed it and now it begs shamelessly.  Give me a heart attack to see something this big sneaking on board my boat!

Saucer-sized Red Rock Crab (Grapsus grapsus), common to the west coast.

Thumbs up for iconic "El Arco" (the arch).

Lover's beach.  We didn't go ashore.
On the other side (the Pacific side) is Divorce beach (heh heh heh).

We could smell sea lions before we spied them.

Our snorkeling adventure didn't begin till 10:45 and by then (in crowded Cabo) all the "good" boats were taken.  We'd signed up for a "sail and snorkel" at Santa Maria Cove in the Gulf of California.  It was a coolish-type of day, with big winds, and the trimaran we were on wasn't designed for windy conditions.  We smacked amid spray at each wave (almost like I-10 in Louisiana, with water, that is!).  This is the only time we've been on a Princess excursion that was disappointing.  Their ad says:  "After a brief safety orientation, board your deluxe motorized catamaran and sail [my italics] from the pier ..."  We received no safety instruction, very little guiding, and certainly no sailing!  We can't fault them for not having "crystal-clear waters" and "offering perfect conditions for avid snorkelers," because probably the winds churned the waters.  Nor can we fault them for water that bordered on cold.  Jimmy ordered us wetsuit shirts prior to this trip and that saved us, but even so, we didn't last too long in the 70 +/- water.  A great part of the charm of this excursion would have been sailing aboard a catamaran to the snorkeling site.  I would not recommend this excursion.  In fact, I filed a complaint.

These young party-goers aboard a cool sailing vessel hailed us as they sailed past.

Back in Cabo, we joined a very long line that snaked it's way toward the tenders.  This Pelican had a prize in its beak -- what was left of a fileted fish!  And it was not willing to share!  Notice the Pelican's red (breeding) neck. The last tender left Cabo at 4:15 and shortly thereafter the Ruby Princess picked up her anchor and set northeasterly courses for inside the coast of Baja California towards La Paz.  There we'll have our next snorkeling excursion. (fingers crossed!)


  1. I really wish people would stop feeding wildlife!

    Another port we'll be visiting next year. Visited Cabo in 2002, so not sure what we will do ... maybe find our way to a resort where we can chill for a while. We'll be there even earlier in the year than you guys, so it will definitely be colder.

  2. If Nikki files a complaint, you know it must have been bad!

  3. We kayaked in Cabo to the arch and did get out at the beach. Sit on tops and the waves were scary! It is cold there sometimes! Good to know that the snorkel trip isn't good


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