Part Two -- a follow-up post -- Wednesday, 2/17/16

Here is another video we made while snorkeling at Mahukona State Park, Hawaii.  (See post below, or click here to view our other video.)  As I mentioned in my previous post, Mahukona is an old harbor abandoned by a sugar cane company.  The shoreline is rocky with no sandy beach, but it does have a pier, and even a hoist.  Underwater, there are pieces of abandoned equipment and a small shipwreck (not sure if we saw that).

The first sugar cane plantation in this area was started in 1863.  A pier was built to Mahukona Harbor and in 1882 a railroad would bring the sugar cane to the harbor, where it was loaded onto steamships.  The sugar mill was built on the north side of the bay and its remains still stand.  Those old ruins continue to crumble, with rusty and jagged support beams sticking out.  In 1941, the port was forced to close for WW II, and in 1945, the railroad shut down.  The old sugar facilities were closed in the 1950's.  The park is now operated by Hawaii County.

In the video below, Jimmy winds his way through some of the collapsed pier or wharf relics and past bollards (the round knob-looking things that ships tie up to).  He had to be careful because of the churning water, whipped up by gale-force winds, which probably affected water visibility, also.  The tic-tics you hear are probably rain, since he held the GoPro near the water surface!  

I know we can do better, and we will, but for now, please enjoy our little underwater video.  We had a wonderful time gliding through the water, seeing everything, watching brilliant fish flash by.  After an hour, we surfaced, looked at each other and both said "I'm getting cold."  It was time to get out ... and back in the rain!  After returning the snorkel stuff, we drove toward the condo and were soon out of the rain.

That afternoon, we hid in the lee of the activity center to play dominoes.
Always a good time.  Jimmy was a big winner today.

Tomorrow our outstanding Hawaiian week is over.  Time to fly home.
It's been grand!


  1. All good things must come to an end ... glad you had a chance to snorkel before you left Hawaii.

  2. Amazing that you can snorkel like that with rain on the surface of the water. Fun!


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