Off we Go! Monday, March 14th, 2016

Welcome aboard the Ruby Princess!  After a brief flight from Sacramento to Los Angeles, followed by a shuttle to the cruise terminal, we boarded in mid-afternoon.  Starving, we scarfed down a buffet lunch and then all passengers attended a general emergency exercise (it's a law).  After that was completed, Jimmy and I joined others at the rail to watch the sail away, a fascinating process I never tire of seeing.

All aboard!

With the famous Vincent Thomas Bridge behind us, we posed at the sail away.

Around 4 pm, after letting go her mooring lines, Ruby Princess thrust off the berth, and moved clear of the dock.  Jimmy's at the rail (a few people left of the white post), looking at the USS Battleship Iowa as we sail past.  We are bound for the Port of San Diego on various Southeasterly courses ... our first stop on this ten-day Mexican Riviera cruise.

A calm ocean brought us through the night to San Diego around 5 am.
Watching the docking is equally engrossing.

With only one day in San Diego, Jimmy and I booked a two-hour harbor cruise excursion because we thought it might prove interesting.  Since we don't have to be on the dock till 10 am, we set off on our own to check out the waterfront area.  The pigeon was eyeing Ruby!

This old sailing ship is part of the waterfront maritime museum.
I think it's the HMS Surprise.

Love a bike-friendly town!

Along with being bike-friendly, San Diego boasts efficient, quiet electric light rail transportation -- the Red Trolley, which seemed to have a lot of riders.  Handicap accessible, too.  We also saw quite a few new-looking buses, so the city must be concerned with public transportation.

Old meets new -- this is the historic Santa Fe Depot gold dome (circa 1915).

Pretty good-sized "boat!"  Home to us for ten days.
Next up:  the harbor cruise.


  1. Hmmm ... a harbor cruise in SD. Hadn't thought about that for Jan 2017 when we will be in SD for a day on a cruise of our own. Right now thinking of spending the day at Balboa Park, but I'm open to other ideas ... looking forward to your report.

  2. I guess it might be hard to decide what to do in San Diego, with so many options, but Balboa Park is so beautiful, and a bit different. Love the photos and happy to get the story of your ten day cruise. We haven't had a Mexican Riviera Cruise for awhile now, not sure there is much to see there again, but maybe you will convince us otherwise. Looking forward to more stories.

  3. Sounds like you are off to a great start! Enjoy your cruise.



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