Where have all the flowers gone? Monday, March 7th, 2016

SURPRISE!  We woke this morning to this:

Winter wonderland!

I make it out as 7" on the back deck table.

Our Pink Dogwood tree in the front yard -- poor thing isn't supposed to look like this.

Forsythia in full bloom ... uh, hidden beneath it's protective netting to keep the deer away.

How is a bird supposed to grab a sunflower seed?
Before I could scrape the snow off, my pretty glass feeder fell and shattered.

A Redbud tree dragging the ground.  Just coming into bloom.

Yours truly went to work, knocking the heavy wet snow from tender branches.
I managed to clear most of the low-hanging ones.

Then we got our exercise shoveling the driveway.
Us and our friends across the street with their Wovel.

Great way to work off breakfast.

NorCal foothills have been soaked with upwards of 8-10" of rain these past few days.  At bedtime last night, when it got quiet, I assumed (haha, you know what that means) that the rain had quit.  Nope, the temp dropped low enough (32) to turn to snow -- really heavy, wet snow.  I let out a whoop when I opened the blinds this morning! Of course, I'd just put potted plants out on the deck to "enjoy" a drink from the sky, but luckily I moved all but one under the eave yesterday, figuring they'd had enough water to last them a month.  All but one, the hanging fuchsia I've been shepherding in the garage all winter.  It's back in the garage now (after I knocked its seven-inch snow cap off)!  This big snow wasn't predicted.  Figures.  It sure was pretty. But it won't last.

Yesterday I admired flowers.  Today was certainly a different kettle of fish!


  1. Wow, that is a LOT of wet snow. I can imagine it will be gone soon with the rains coming again. Just have to get that temp up a couple of degrees.

  2. Mother Nature loves to make surprises!

  3. Oh, so sorry about your glass feeder! It was so pretty. Looks like the end of this week might be more of the same, though maybe not cold enough to snow.

  4. Yikes-it has been ten years since we have had to deal with that kind of morning surprise.

  5. Good thing you took advantage of the day before to go for a hike. Much of Texas was lambasted over the past several days as the front moves from your neck of the woods across to the east ... nary an issue here in El Paso, except for periodic heavy wind gusts and a couple of drops of rain that dried almost before they fell. I'd love to see some of that wet stuff here ... in the form of rain, of course.


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