Saturday, the 19th - Lunch in Laguna Beach...

... with my dear friend of 34 years, Karen, and her husband, Welton. Between talking over "good old times" and discussing what's going on today, she served a delicious lunch, even including a little birthday "cake" for Jimmy and me. Thanks, Karen & Welton. We had a great time visiting and playing catch-up from last year. Ain't it grand to have long-time friends!

(L) Pretty table! And a birthday "cake" - pumpkin pie with (lite) whipped cream. (R) Jimmy, me, Karen & Welton in front of the fireplace.

This is our last day in Orange County. Tomorrow we move Tergel and Smartie north to Van Nuys in the San Fernando Valley (above Los Angeles) for a week. And we're looking forward to next Thursday when Jimmy and I will join Matt and Jen at their place - along with Jen's parents - for a big turkey feast blow-out presented by Chef Matt. Oh joy - Matt cooks for Mom!

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