Mystery hike in the hills on Nov 22nd - guess where?

Check out this guy at the Bronson "Batman" Caves - filming going on in Gotham City!

Up we go, on and on. Matt's doggies - Maggie & Sophie - were getting tired, but they didn't quit. Hot and tired, neither did we.

The views were something else from up here.

We made it! Click here if you'd like to know where we were and be sure to arrow all the way down to see the (yeow!) route we hiked.


  1. Anonymous7:51 AM

    Wow, what a hike! I bet the climbing part was not easy. Who carried the pups? Thanks for sharing! NLU

  2. Nobody carried the mutts! Neither did they lag. Surprised both me and Jimmy. Matt said they love to go hiking with him!


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