At sea... en route to Hawaii Oct 2011

Internet is too expensive on the Princess, so this post is mainly about life aboard the Princess while we cruised to Hawaii.

10/27 Thursday --- At sea.  Ship rolled in NW swells all night.  Cabin forward on Lido Deck moved with the the roll. I felt, well, not uncomfortable, but not quite comfortable yet. Guess I need to develop my sea legs.  Sea temp is 69°.  Jimmy and I had a light buffet breakfast and then walked around Promenade Deck: 2.5 laps = 1 mile, and we put in more than a mile.  Have to study to figure our way around this massive ship. After looking at all the excursions offered, we decided to sign up for a kayaking adventure on the Big Island and snorkeling on Kauai. Looking forward to both!  Lots of looking around, up and down, stairs/elevator trips.  Loved our quiet time on the balcony, and then gussied up for an excellent dinner. Stardust production show @ 8:15. Early bedtime.  I think my sea legs getting stronger. 

10/28 Friday --- At sea.  Cool beans ... I don’t notice rolling much anymore.  Our ship is making 20 knots, plowing thru the beautiful Pacific, whose water seems to change shades with every new glance.  Partly cloudy again.  This is a good sign that we're entering more tropical waters -- the sea temp is up to 71° early and 73° by dinner.  After a delish breakfast, we walked the Promenade and Sky decks. Then, we changed to bathing suits.  O boy, the pool water is warm and the hot tub feels good.  Kinda nice to have sushi lunch at poolside. We watched the World Series final game on TV, and then got really cleaned up for our first formal dinner at 5:45.  Got the last two seats in Vista Lounge to see the Bad Boy of Magic, James Michael, at 8:30 -- he's the same guy that dragged me up on stage in Alaska!  Funny to watch the whole show and not be a participant!  What a sweet, lovely evening. (We sleep with the balcony door open, listening all night to waves. Awesome.) Turn clock back one hour before sleeping!

10/29 Saturday --- At sea.  We were up way early, thanx to our 2nd time change, which was nice as we watched a gorgeous flaming sunrise from the balcony.  Then we had our usual breakfast and walk, which is really very nice. Jimmy retired to a chaise lounge to watch Pearl Harbor movie on the big screen.  I went to hear naturalist Rachel talk about coral reefs, followed by questions on anything Hawaii.  I hope we're not getting lazy, but we ate an Italian lunch at poolside, but I had lots of pool time in the afternoon, while Jimmy read.  I got some sun today. We're about 2/3 way to the islands.  Water temp is up to 77° and the days are warm and beginning to feel tropical.  P/C all day, with Force 6 wind -- strong breeze across deck.  We don’t notice the rolling anymore. After dinner we listened to comic Derrick Cameron in the Princess Theater.  Back in the room, we had a phone call from a lady who said Beth B. told her we’d be on the same ship as her…?  She said she'd like to meet up tomorrow.  We agreed that I’d call her in the morning to set up a time. (How strange -- we had lunch with Beth and Richard B. in Sacramento a week ago, and they didn't say anything to me about this.  Oh well!)  We ha a nice day anyway!

10/30 Sunday --- At sea.  We woke up to rain, which meant no walking till decks dried up a bit.  I went to listen to Rachel talk about Hawaiian birds and animals @ 9:15 -- very interesting lecture.  Then we set up a time to meet with Diane and Tim DiMarco for hors d’oeuvres before dinner.  The sun popped out after lunch and we swam and laid by the Neptune pool and watched a very young Elvis in the movie Blue Hawaii (!!) on the big screen.  At 4:45 pm, we met Diane and Tim (actually Beth and Richard’s in-laws) on their roomy mini-suite balcony.  It's such a small world to meet these good folk on this particular cruise -- we all had a good time, laughed about last nite's phone call and the fact that Beth told her about me, but not vice versa! Dinner followed, and then a very funny show by ventriloquist Dan Horn!  Hoy, the water temp is up to 78.4°.  Good grief -- one more time: Turn clock back one hour before sleeping!  Didn't know beforehand Hawaii was three time zones ahead of Pacific time. Learned something new.

Elvis on the big screen.

Tim, me, Jimmy, and Diane on their balcony.

Up and down those stairs!

Puttin' on a tie for dinner!

We tho't this fiery sunrise looked like a flamingo!

We were treated to some very strikingly beautiful skies.

And there was ALWAYS the mesmerizing wake ....

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  1. Bummer. If I'm on vacation, I ain't puttin on no stinkin tie. Hehehe. Awesome sky photos!


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