Love these trees! Aug 5th - 10th

Chased to the Pacific coast by wildfires and smoke (figuratively speaking), Jimmy and I settled in at Humboldt Redwoods State Pk, south of Eureka, CA, tho we camped in three separate areas of the park.  The cost for camping at any state campground in the redwoods is $33/nite for older folks, with no hookups at all, which seems kinda steep.  Those who have spent any time among these magnificent trees know that very little light filters down to the ground... or to RV solar panels.  Also, you'd better have reservations, or be willing to move to a different site every day. We spent one nite at Grizzly Creek C/G and one nite at Burlington C/G in Humboldt Redwoods St Pk, and then elected to move to a private campground called Giant Redwoods RV in Myers Flat.  For a few bucks more, we have W/E, wifi and cable TV.  All this being said, the redwood trees are the stars in this post!

Jimmy at the VC.  This tree fell in 2006.  The cut these date tags are mounted on is a third cut about 70 feet above the base.  The beginning ring at the center of this cut is from 912 A.D.  Can you feature it?

Some might appreciate the info.  The tree (with Jimmy) was my all-time fav -- it has such character!

No ironing involved.  Check the stats on the sign.

 Part of the flat iron tree.

And these fallen giants go on and on and on.  Can you see Jimmy? 

 Another view of my favorite.

People are included in pics such as these to add perspective.  And how!! 

What's a trip to the redwood forest without this picture?
Think Jimmy and I just might be the first people to strike this pose right here?
Maybe not ...!


  1. I love the redwoods. I can't imagine what kind of saw is used to cut those fallen trees.

  2. Hey, are you two copying us? We have that same photo, I think.....

  3. So nice to catch up with you, and happy to see you two cooling off in the Redwoods rather than fighting smoke in the mountains.


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